Sunday, October 03, 2010

Stack and Tilt

I know I'm late to the game here when discussing the Stack and Tilt Golf Swing, but to be honest I've always heard about it and wanted to try it, BUT never had the time to really see what it is about.  I recently was able to review the original book on the Stack and Tilt technique.  I am by no means a teaching pro, but I do agree with the principles behind this technique..keep the weight on the forward foot at impact.  The Stack and Tilt also seems to incorporate some aspects of the one plane swing as well, which I use, which is to keep the lead arm across your chest on the back swing.

I have to admit I have used the Stack and Tilt technique on my iron shots and you do get an unbelievable feeling of clean impact.  I agree that this technique should not be the first one to be taught to the beginner golfer as you need to have basic swing fundamentals down.  In a nutshell, on the Stack and Tilt, you want to keep a majority of your weight on the lead foot on the backswing and through the downswing.  What this also does is keep you from hitting fat and allowing you to hit that nice divot AFTER you hit the ball.  It's also a technique for those players who tend to stay back on the shot, which is not good.

I've hit numerous shots with this technique and I do notice that the shot is more powerful, but I have also noticed that it also increases the trajectory of the shot as well.  It seems this technique makes you come down on a steeper angle, which makes sense for the higher trajectory.

I am still reading the book on the Stack and Tilt swing, and agree on the principles behind it.  I have used it on my irons and they have been very pure and penetrating.  On my driver swing, I still use my own swing (shallow) as the Stack and Tilt makes my driver swing come into the ball on a steeper angle.  Either way, if you haven't tried it, it may be worthwhile to check out.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Got locked out?

No, I don't mean your car..but if you're like me and got a smartphone (I got a BlackBerry recently off of Craigslist) you probably can't use it with your provider unless you enter an UNLOCK CODE for your device.  It may be unlocked within your carrier, amongst other similar carrier SIM cards, but you will not be able to swap out one carrier's SIM card for another..meaning..if you're on T-MOBILE, you will not be able to swap that SIM card into a AT&T "locked" phone..make sense?

Okay, so after doing my internet homework and perusing the internet, YouTube and Google, I found  I read into them and they are VERY LEGIT and are based in the good ol' U.S. (Salt Lake City)

100% Money Back Guarantee - Our cell phone unlocking service will unlock your phone safely and effectively or we will refund your payment in full. You can reach us any time during business hours by calling 1-800-891-0625 anywhere in The United States. Or call our local number: 801-415-5176. Unlike almost all of our competitors we can be reached by telephone and are usually online for live chat support. We also respond to emails usually within just a couple minutes during hours of operation. (9 AM - 11 PM Mountain Time)

Anyway, I gave them a shot and figured I'd get my unlock code tomorrow.  After I paid for it (I used my PayPal account, but they take credit cards), I took a glance into my email and VOILA!  My code was there in less than 5 minutes (probably less than that too!)

BUT WAIT!! GET IT FOR FREE!! - BEFORE you enter your unlock code, make a video while you are unlocking your phone and post it to YouTube and you'll get a complete refund on your unlock you get your unlock code FOR FREE!  Now, that's something you hear these days too often. Check them out here!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Gotta love Bubba and Rickie.

Bubba cracks me 1:07 "Tiigerr..Tiger Woods.."..hillarious.

Rickie's a good guy for sporting those red Puma running

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Holy smoke!! (really?)

Just caught this today, but c'mon really..I have to say I personally have made a Callaway driver spark as well..but c'mon..I say b.s. and the golfer probably did something that he should not have.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lija Style Golf Fashion

Tiger Woods was quoted as saying, “Hockey is for white guys, basketball is for black guys, and golf is for white guys who dress like pimps.”

Tiger is no fashion slouch, but women golfers are not leaving style in the locker room. Golf for Women has devoted an entire issue to style, featuring supermodel Ines Sastre.  Gone are polos and khaki’s and two-tone shoes. Today’s women pros know it’s all about marketing.

Morgan Pressel, tour star, was seen at New York Fashion Week, and endorsements from all the major athletic wear companies are a big part of a players income.  Paula Creamer is known for her earrings and is the tour’s fashionista. At the local level, more women are taking up the game and have given up having to dress like the boys.

Blending influences from the world of fashion, sport and lifestyle, Lija offers feminine and versatile collections that enable women to play beautifully and the latest in Women's Golf Apparel. Lija clothes are designed for the woman who embraces life and is inspired by possibilities; the woman who puts her heart, mind and soul into everything she pursues and believes the greatest achievement in life is to realize her full potential. Her clothes reflect her determined nature, and personal dedication to quality, grace and style..just ask Christina Kim.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

You don't need it..

As I've been playing with the Mizuno brand lately, and I've been slowly lurking around the various forums and Ebay and Craigslist looking to also get matching hybrids.  I was sooo..close to pulling the trigger and getting the same lofted Mizuno hybrids..but then..I came to my senses..why?

Right now, I play mixed hybrids..I play with a Titleist 585H 21 deg. and then a Nickent 3DX 24 deg..and you know what..I hit them both very well.  I've actually become very close with them like a pair of old just feels right everytime.

Sure, "technology" might have changed allowing me to get less spin and blah..blah..blah..but really..if I can hit my my current mixed set 220 and 200 yards consistently, what more can I ask for?  Anyway, to all of you guys in the same your'll thank me later.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Amazon for golf equipment?

Lately I've been getting caught in between clubs especially at the 110-115 yardage..and it's a bitch.  I'm not a fan of hitting irons soft or hard..I'd rather hit full shots..right?

Unfortunately, when I had my Titleist AP1's it came with a gap wedge which was so perfect, but  now, with the Mizuno MX-25's, I was sans gap wedge.  I've been looking over Ebay, Craigslist, but to no avail.  I was tempted to just get a matching Titleist Spin Milled 52 degree, to match my other SM's, but just wasn't too fond of paying $110 for a new one.

Well, I decided to search Amazon for the a MX-25 gap wedge..AND sure enough I found a seller..and with the exact specs that match my current set..AND it was only $60..BRAND NEW.  I couldn't believe it..Amazon?..for golf?  YEP..give them a try if you happen to be looking for some golf's definitely a hidden gem.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

That one hole!?!

Lately, I've been playing really consistent and have shot 91 on the last four rounds.  What kills me is that one hole or a "blow up" hole where I end up with a triple..and voila!..91.  I get so pissed when this happens.  Take for example yesterday.

I was on route to break 90..all I needed was a bogey on the last whole to get 89.  It was a par 4..392 yards..and I just hit one of my best drives all day..straight down the middle left fairway..I had about 100 yards left

I get to the ball..licking my chops..ball is sitting nicely on the fairway..I take a swing and hit it fat..what the hell.  Then hit it again and..short..right into the bunker..what the hell.  So, anyway I get out and now lying four on the green..and I three putt.  Talk about the Golf Gods "adjusting" my score.

To me, a 91 is miles away from an 89..even though it's only 2 strokes.  I guess I can't complain as I feel pretty good with the game, less the blow up holes, but feel I'm getting so close to getting sub-90 consistently..we'll see.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cheap golf shorts..

I have to say I'm not the one to be looking at when it comes to the latest golf fashion and my wallet tells me that I can't plunk done 90 bucks a shirt to look like Ian Poulter or Rickie Fowler.  However, I do get my golf shorts from Marshalls and it is super cheap.  I'm the last person who needs another pair of khaki shorts, but you just can't help it when you can get some designer ones for $15.  I just got some cool North Face khaki shorts which were super cheap.  True, a lot of their other stuff is this place must be where golf shorts go to die.

Monday, July 05, 2010

As smooth as butter..

After playing with the Mizuno MP 600 driver a few times now I have to say that the distance I get is about the same as the Titleist 905R I used before.  One thing that I had to get used to was a smoother swing with the MP-600 since the shaft is 45" (the shaft on the 905R is 44"), but after a few hits it was easier than I thought to get adjusted to.  I noticed with the longer shaft it required less effort for me, compared to the shorter shaft, to get the same distance..which makes sense.

Sometimes, I get into trouble when I try to "step on it" to get a little more and end up with a low hook with the shorter driver (905R at 44") but with this one, and with it's longer length, it negates that effect..another reason I may keep it.  It's like eating a piece of can't just stick it in your mouth and have to chew and chew first.

I have to say, however, I still have not bough into the whole weight technology system as I had set the MP-600 to launch the ball high (both weight in the center/rear position)..but still get a medium trajectory.  I know I have a shallow swing, but still this "technology" should at least give me a little "bump" in this area.  Either way, I do really like the way the MP 600 looks..almost like the 905R..very plain and standard setup..and it has no alignment markers..but at this point anyone who plays with one already should know how to align the ball to the driver.

If you're looking to try the MP-600 out, they're pretty cheap on Ebay nowadays and can probably be had for under $150, new, and less if you want to go the used route.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Black is the New Black.

I've noticed lately that golf equipment manufacturers are going back to black (or that sexy smokey black) into their lines.  Check out the new Titleist 910 stuff..yeah..super sexy:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Chip Like a true!

I'm not a fan of offering golf advice as there are a billion sites/blogs out there that do this..but one tidbit that is as true as the sun rising from the east is the "Chip like a Putt" technique.  Basically, as the title set up like your putting and use the same stroke but with a you're favorite wedge.

I like to go one step further and use this same technique from off the fringe and use a wider stroke for longer chips..I've taken my back swing as far back as the 9 or 10 o'clock position with absolute precision.  The key is don't break down and use any wrist hinge..that's a killer.  There is no need to read all the articles and books on wrist hinge and cocking..unless you're timing is as accurate as a Rolex..forget about all that non-sense..really..K.I.S.S,  I guarantee you this will knock STROKES off your round.

Chip Like a Putt -- powered by GolfLink

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pet (Golf) Peeves..

I was reading these from the Game Under Repair blog and I have to say I have to agree with all of them..and I have a few more to list.

"For Fun" guy
I actually like playing with these guys, but after awhile I think it affects my game as I start to lose focus as well.  Usually, these guys get tied in with the Mulligan Lover guy (see below) or share the same traits.  You can tell the "For Fun" guys straight off the bait because they'll never give you a score and when you ask, it comes off like a fart in church.  I think that the "For Fun" guys should save their money and go buck wild on the range..but then again they need love too. 

Marker Cheater guy 
There's not much to say about this guy but he's the one that will place the ball marker a few inches IN FRONT of his ball.  I know it's not much..but still..a lot can happen in an inch..absolutely abominable..and bugs the crap out of me.

Mulligan Lover guy
This guy shares the same traits as the "For Fun" guy, but what kills me is that he'll drop a ball whenever it seems best with no regard for his final score on the hole.  The Mulligan Lover (and For Fun guy) guy should never say what they shot as it's B.S...always.  It always kills me though that the Mulligan Lover guy likes to spread misery and insists that whoever hits a bad shot should take one..go to the range.

"You're in my view" guy 
I've only encountered this type of player twice in my golfing career..and that's twice too many.  He's the guy that demands that you not be in his peripheral vision of sight on his shots and his putts.  It's actually very irritating..and downright be absolutely out of sight from players that are about to make a swing.  Always having this person remind you that he can see you is just being a big pain in the ass.  You deserve this is your first name is Arnold and last name is Palmer..otherwise..go to the range.

Arrogant golf equipment guy
Quite possibly the worst guy to ever encounter on the course.  Not only will he give you an earful of what he plays, launch conditions, shaft spining, spin rate, blah..blah..blah..he'll have the audacity to tell you you're playing the wrong equipment and why..what the hell..go to the range.

Get your mouth off my ball guy
Not a sexual thing, but the guy that gives an immediate "Great shot" even when he knows that it's headed for disaster.  Can you please wait a few seconds before issuing your absurd comments without knowing (caring) where it's fate will be?

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Golf in Hawaii ALOHA~!

Welcome to golf heaven..and no it’s not Augusta or Pebble’s Hawaii golf. Blessed with breathtaking scenery, unforgettable signature holes and championship caliber course design, it's no wonder why Hawaii attracts so many golfers from around the world.

Discover a variety of unique course layouts on Hawaii's six, geographically distinct islands—from greens lined with volcanic rough to stunning seaside water hazards and with more than 70 amazing golf courses to choose from, it won't be difficult to find the perfect course for you. 

Hawaii golf courses presents an array of superb resort courses plus the finest assortment of independent daily fee courses in Hawaii. Lush green fairways set amongst black volcanic rock rough help to make the courses of Hawaii truly unique. 16 publicly accessible golf courses are spread throughout the Big Island. The world-renowned Kohala Coast resorts of Waikoloa, Mauna Lani and Mauna Kea feature courses that have given the Big Island the nickname, “Golf Capital of Hawaii.”

Just try to concentrate..Focus on your swing and not the pristine, black lava-lined fairways and palm tree-speckled greens. Block out the crystal blue waters and the rhythmic crash of waves just beyond the bunker. Try your best to forget that you’re playing on one of the most beautiful golf courses you’ve ever seen. It may take a few holes, but you’ll get used to it.

Discover courses along the Kohala Coast, such as the Jack Nicklaus designed Hualalai Golf Course, the championship Francis H. Ii Brown courses of the Mauna Lani Resort and the Robert Trent Jones Sr. designed courses at Mauna Kea Resort. Not to be outdone, play the two courses of the Waikoloa Beach Resort designed by Robert Trent Jones, Jr. and the Ocean Course and Alii Mountain Course of the Kona Country Club.

Discover a variety of other hidden gems throughout Hawaii and play amongst the striking contrasts of lush green fairways, pure white bunkers, jet-black lava flows and turquoise Pacific waters. Hit a bad shot and you can always blame it on the Big Island. Views like this justify a mulligan. You're never too far for Hawaii tee times..ALOHA!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Tiger tamers..

I never really cared or bothered in following the “up and coming” rookies on the tour, until recently. I have to say Rory McIlroy and Rickie Fowler are two young guns that are really keeping me glued to the tube whenever they are playing. Besides having a great demeanor on the course and having the game to back it up, these guys seem like the real deal and I can see these two being the next “Phil and Tiger” match-up. At first, I have to say the bright, mono-chromatic outfits worn by Rickie, and his hair, just turned me away, but after seeing this kid play..well the outfits are just an easier way for me to identify who’s playing. 

Talking about HAIR..that’s the first thing I noticed when I saw Rory McIlroy..but just also another way for me to identify him quickly. This kid’s got game too and just his overall maturity on the course is refreshing. He seems likes he’s just having a good time out there and you can still see his youthful vibrance after he makes a great shot..or shall I say after NUMEROUS great shots. I’ve been actually trying to search the web to pick up one of his “Jumeirah” Titleist caps..but no where to be found.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

New driver..MP 600

As you guys may know I have decided to go with the Mizuno MX-25's for my irons, but I had an inkling to also try a Mizuno driver..and decided to go with the MP 600 (yes, it's not the latest driver from Mizuno, which is the MP 630). I've never played with a Mizuno driver, but from what I've heard it's a "players" driver, meaning it's not going to help much if you don't have a swing, which should be fine as I've been playing Titleist drivers for the last few years.

I decided to give the latest technology of these movable weights a go also. The MP 600 has these two movable (secured in a U-shape track) weights that you can manipulate to various configurations that can alter the trajectory of the ball. I still have to try it to believe it..but I'm sure if you're not a consistent hitter, these weights aren't going to do anything for you.  Also, another thing I really like about the MP 600 is that IT LOOKS CLEAN..very similar to how my Titleist 905R looks..nothing fancy or crazy pain schemes..just plain goodness.

Also, I was able to pick it up on Ebay for $130, new, which I had to jump on. If it hits anything like my Titleist 905R AND I can mess with the trajectory..then it sounds like a bunch of fun. It should be arriving sometime next week, so after I really put it through it's pace I'll give you guys a better report on it.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Anthony Kim hates heavy metal..

One of my favorite players and I have to say 3 putting in that mess would've been embarassing for me too.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Back To The 80's

I'm a fan of everything '80's..especially when it comes to my golf score. I decided to go with the Mizuno MX-25's, more on this later, and played at Mile Square Park (Players Course) today with a buddy of mine. I've played the "Classic" course, which has mature trees throughout the course and meandering doglegs here and there. The fairways are flat with faster greens. The "Players" course is more of your modern style course.  There's more water that come into play with slightly undulating fairways, however, the greens are much more forgiving..slower. Okay, enough about the courses.

I was hitting all my irons nicely, but without a doubt the forged feeling was adding alot more confidence and feel as the day progressed. There's an absolute difference between my Titleist AP1's and these Mizuno MX-25's. The MX-25's felt buttery soft, but I noticed I was able to really get the ball up there without much effort. I was literally aiming at the pin on many holes. The trajectory was awesome..the ball would go up and come down like a lawn dart. I was literally playing all yardages straight to the pin..and needless to say I shot a 85 in the end.

The key to shooting a "good" score is you MUST KEEP UNFORCED ERRORS (like tennis) AT A MINIMUM! What I mean by an UNFORCED ERROR are shots that shouldn't have been made in the first fatties, shanks, thin ones, etc. You know..the ones if you were given another chance you would've just hit a 7 iron and moved on..right? I always keep track of these "error" shots and for me if I can keep then to 15 or less I know I'll be under 90. Today I hit 13 of these errors..which obviously proved my theory of breaking 90 (85). I had 9 pars, 5 bogeys and 4 doubles.

One thing that bothers me is that we played the course from the white tees (6,334 yards), and not the blue tees (6,759 yards). Obviously, I'm going to play this course again, but from the blues so I can get a better estimate of my renewed confidence..and if I'm really coming around to the next level..Stay tuned!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ottawa Golf

When you think about Canada what's the first think that comes to mind?  For me it was the the McKenzie Brothers and Strange actually Canada, and especially be exact, is home to some of most gorgeous golf courses in the world.  Ottawa golf courses have some of the most pristine courses that are on equal terms and quality, if not surpassing, to your high-end private courses in the U.S. AND THEY'RE need to sign off on the house or the kids college fund..i.e. weekend nomads, like you and me, can feel part of high society too.

Loch March is a PUBLIC (hooray!) golf and country club that offers all the bells and whistles of your exclusive private clubs without those staggering initiation fees and minimum accounts often required with them..all packaged and delivered to you in a resort environment.   Their 18-hole, par 72 golf course is as renowned for it's superb beauty and has mature forests that make Loch March an ever changing short..flat out gorgeous!

The fairways and greens at Loch March are top-dressed to always ensure proper playing conditions..and these guys cut their tee decks (us yanks call them tee boxes) BY HAND..which make it look like a green..unbelievable!  This is a place of natural beauty. The golf holes at Loch March were not contrived; they were discovered on the natural topography of the March Highlands.

Loch March is a course that will inspire you to play your best game. Each hole presents a unique challenge, whether it's the pin position, a greenside bunker or well-placed stream. Risk or reward is evident at every hole. You'll find that par is demanding, yet a bogey is quite comfortable; that the golf course rewards the good shot yet doesn't penalize the poor ones and by the end of your round, you'll have used every club in your cookie cutter course here folks.

Without a doubt, golfers of all levels will enjoy their round at Loch March. Four different sets of tee blocks, from a touch over 5,000 yards to a hair under 7,000 yards, let you choose the most appropriate course length for your abilities. Their lush fairways and impeccable greens promise ideal conditions for you to play your best, whether you're out for a casual game or looking to test your skills.  Lay up or go for the green — it's your call.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bridgeston J36 Pocket Cavity vs. Mizuno MX 25

Well, I finally got out today to test the Bridgestone J36 Pocket Cavity forged irons AND..I also got the Mizuno MX 25, also forged, to compare.  I know these are two different style irons and the J36 PC's are definitely more of a players iron, whereas the MX 25 are more of a game improvement iron.  I ran up and down both sets at the range under the same conditions today and the varying results of both sets were apparent. 

Let's begin with the J36 PC's, which I noticed immediately that the ball flight was lower BUT, much more penetrating than the MX 25's.  A lot probably had to due with the stiffer Project X 5.0 flighted shafts and that the swingweight on the J36 PC's are a D-3.  Just swinging the J36 PC's and you can immediately feel the heft of the iron. 

Fortunately, I have a smooth swing, which this iron requires, but you will be rewarded with a pure, low-mid ball flight.  I would have to say however I was about a club short all around with the J36 PC's.  There is a little room and less than perfect contact is immediate loss of distance.  These would be perfect for windy days where you wouldn't want the a low ball flight.  What seemed kind weird was that all the irons seem to act their respective lofts, however, on the 5 iron the flight seemed just too low and seemed more of a 3 iron flight.  Not sure if the lofts were off..but it was VERY apparent. 

The Mizuno MX 25's were a joy to hit and I have to be honest, easier and more forgiving.  I knew these were better suited for me when I tried to hit the 3 iron, which I never use nowadays, and hit a perfect laser down the middle with the first swing.  The ball flight is exactly what I was looking for and it got the ball up high.  The feeling is unbelievable with grain flow forged irons.  These hard as rock range balls felt like almost got to a point where they felt a tad too mushy..if that's possible.  The shaft was the Dynamic Gold SL R300..and I feel tempted to try it in the S300.  I like the headsize of the MX 25's as it is identical to the Titleist AP1's that I was using before, but a thinner topline and obviously the unmatch forged feel.  I felt like I was almost swinging to fast with these irons.  It may be because I was hitting the heavier and stiffer J36 PC's and then these..but I'd still like to try these in the S300.

Both the J36 PC's and the MX 25's were a joy to hit and felt awesome, but the MX 25's were definitely more "fun" and easier to get going.  I have to say you need a fast head speed to get the true effectiveness of the J36 PC's, whereas with the MX 25's it's more player will do with what you have. 

Thursday, May 20, 2010

LIJA style!

Have you noticed that alot of the gals on the LPGA have really spruced up their style and have become real fashionistas out there on the links when it comes to their golf doubt.  Gals like Christina Kim have been sporting snazzy-chic sportwear collection from LIJA on regular basis..and if you know anything about Christina Kim, she is a member of the style council. 

Two-time LPGA Tour winner Christina Kim knows that today there's just as much talk about what a player wears as the score she posts. Recognized for her colorful taste in clothing, Kim has partnered with trend-setting brand LIJA by Linda Hipp for a style that transitions seamlessly from course to clubhouse.

“Looking great helps me focus on my game and play my best,” says Kim. “The clothes Linda Hipp designs fit perfectly with my personal fashion sense and let me create outfits for any mood or playing conditions.”  Nearly a decade ago, Hipp led the charge in creating fashionable women's golf apparel, moving the industry from scaled down versions of boxy men's polos and ill-fitting shorts to cutting-edge designs made specifically for a woman's body.

As North America's fastest growing golf and sportswear line, LIJA offers something for every woman's aesthetic in its shorts, skorts, polos, sweaters, t-shirts, pants and dresses, among other pieces.  For Kim, who hit the course in 2006 looking more fit than ever thanks to a new exercise routine implemented during the off-season, LIJA's fusion of sport, leisure and fashion was a natural choice. Partial to hot hues and form-fitting pieces, the 23-year-old found the mouth-watering color palette of the company's spring collections irresistible.

“Christina is a truly unique personality and fashion-forward player on the LPGA Tour,” says Hipp, principal designer and company founder. “We're extremely excited to have her wear LIJA. Her flair and sense of style make her a great representative for our brand.”

With a focus on fun, flirty and vivacious colors such as olive, lawn and sweetpea greens, orchid, sangria, lemon yellow and cherry red, LIJA's delectable polos and skorts struck a chord with Kim's vibrant style.

“Linda Hipp's designs are amazing,” Kim adds. “She really gets making clothes that look great and perform.”
Kim likes to walk the fairway in LIJA's polo shirts, which pair a fitted look with distinctive details for a non-traditional finish. Highlights like contrast collars and cuffs, or hidden buttons on the placket, turn ordinary into extraordinary, while a touch of spandex in the material allows for freedom of movement without the boxiness of a looser shirt. A favorite is the line's short sleeve Paloma Polo in white, which features ruched contrast shoulder insets in lawn green.

For bottoms, Kim often sports the brand's popular skorts, which combine the styling of a skirt – including the ability to show a little leg – with the comfort and functionality of shorts. Available in a variety of colors and prints, including a windowpane pattern with white piping in eye-catching shades of cherry or orchid, the skorts can be paired with a number of tops – making packing for tournaments that much easier.

“LIJA is a lifestyle brand that brings unique looks to any woman's wardrobe for golfers and non-golfers alike,” Hipp says. “Our goal is to create a variety of pieces that women can mix and match to express their own individual personalities, and this year we wanted to create collections that would really pop with the bright bursts of color naturally found outside during spring.”

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nikon and golf..

I've been an avid photographer (I use a Nikon D90) for the last three years and have to say that I love photography as I do playing golf.  Unfortunately, these are two activities that are not to cheap to keep up with.  For now, I'm happy with the photographic and golf equipment I have, but it has come at a cost.

For example, I can honestly say that one of my lenses cost over $1,500 (Nikon 17-55 f/2.8) and all lenses combined (I have 3) cost over $3000 (others being the Nikon 80-200 f/2.8 and 50 f/1.4D)..just the lens..*gulp*  I think you can at least buy a few sets of irons for that amount, no?  I have to admit, these lenses are professional grade lenses and the quality of them are just unbelievable..they're built like tanks.

Sure, I can't enjoy or dwell on a great round with the photographic gear, BUT I do get to make and keep great images with it.  If given the opportunity to hit a gorgeous drive or capture a gorgeous moment with my camera..I have to say the jury would be hung on this.  Maybe it's the creative side in me, but something about capturing the essence of a moment, the moment of time, and to explain it from my perspective is a very say the least.

A good thing is, and good for my pockets, is that I am completely happy with my photographic gear.  Photographers are big gear head too, like golfers, and we love to buy all sorts of stuff..and trust me..there is ALOT of things you can buy in photography..a frigging lens cover/filter to protect your lense can cost $100..a hundred dollars!  My lens filters alone are over $300..and all they do is sit pretty on the lens..crazy and expensive huh?!

A few months ago, I really wanted to upgrade my camera body (this is just the body..lens not included..haha) to a full frame model for $2,700 (Nikon D700)..I was this close *space between my thumb and index finger pinching*, BUT for common sense finally kicked in.  Like golf gear, it' not the arrow, but the indian that kills the bear..and it's not the gear, but the photographer that takes the gorgeous picture.  This was a defining moment for me, and one that saved me alot of money, to understand this basic that is identical to buying golf equipment.

Anyway, I've already rambled long enough about this.  If anyone of you are also photo hounds, drop me a line..let's talk..maybe you're on Flickr too..damn you Nikon!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hilton Head Golf

When I think of Hilton Head Golf obviously the Verizon Heritage and Harbour Town Golf Links come to mind.  Those funny plaid, red jackets worn by previous champions such as Greg Norman, Fuzzy Zoeller, Davis Love, Bernard Langer, Boo Weekly and Jim Furyk. 

Don't know what it is, but this course brings out some of the finest players to really want to win that funny plaid, red jacket.  Anyway, a half centrury ago a person by the name of Charles Frasier wanted to create a vacation community in South Carolina's natural wonderland.  He asked this guy name Pete Dye with the assistance of The Golden Bear (Jack Nicklaus) and this course came to life as has ever been a part of the PGA Tour since 1969. 

But Hilton Head Golf isn't just Harbour Town, there are other fine course just as spectacular.  You also have the Ocean Course and Heron Point at the Sea Pines Resort, as well, which are nothing short of spectacular to consider.  The Ocean Course is one the the oldest courses in the Hilton Head golf establishment.  It touches the ocean but is inundated with lush marshes and lagoons which make it quite enticing to play.  Water comes into play on 12 of the holes making your tee shot something to always consider.  Heron Point was redesigned by Pete Dye and faiways have been reshaped with challenging angles and elevation changes.  Most holes have water, tricky doglegs, long bunkers and a myriad of other challenging items left as a part of Pete Dye's signature.

There are numerous other courses on Hilton Head island which are worth looking into.  Check this place out for hilton head tee times

Friday, May 14, 2010

What Fred carries..

One of my favorite players around..surprised how much he cuts his hands from practice with all that crazy glue.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

New set on the way...

As you may know, lately, I've been getting "re-bit" by the golf bug.  This has led me to peruse the internet and research for a new set of clubs.  I really do like my AP1's and they feel great, BUT there is no feel like FORGED.  I use to play with the Mizuno T-Zoid PRO's forged and they were great.  I just played with a set of Titleist 690.CB forged..and once again..great.

But, as we all know, this feeling of GREATNESS or forged-ness comes at a price.  The 690.CB's had to be hit on the button or it was a serious loss of distance and accuracy.  I wasn't spraying them all over the place, but the slightest error at contact would magnify the end result.  I have to admit the head size on the 690.CB's are a tad smaller so there is not much room for error from the beginning.

I love the size of the head on my AP1's, and some have said they seem Callaway-ish..and I'll admit it..true, but they aren't shovels.  Well, after a long and exaustive research I've decided to leave my beloved Titleist family and jump ship and get the Bridgestone J36 Forged pocket cavity back irons.  I would've like to have stayed with Titleist, but they still need to offer a mid-size full forged iron.  Yes, I know they have the 704 and 804..but heck..those irons are over 5 years old..c'mon already.

I was about to bid on some used J36 pocket cavity iron sets on Ebay, but unbelievably, has them BRAND SPANKING NEW for $399..and free shipping..heck some of these guys on Ebay were starting their auctions on their used J36's for that!?  Anyway, I called my order in today and hopefully it should be here by Monday.  A friend of mine has the same set and they are truly beautiful to look at.  Something about an all-forged chrome set that sends goosebumps all over the place.  The J36 pocket cavity irons tend to be more forgiving than the full cavity backs as they offer a deeper CG (center of gravity) than the regular cavity backs. 

Tour Design, Maximum Forgiveness
The J36 Pocket Cavity irons from Bridgestone offer a blend of today's game forgiving technology with a traditionalist look. The J36 Pocket Cavity is cut into the back of the club, making the CG lower and deeper than any other club in the J36 line, while continuing to offer maximum feel and control.

  • Premium forged 1020 mild carbon steel
  • Deep CG enhanced by Pocket Cavity results in maximum forgiveness (Higher MOI)
  • Thicker top line and sole inspires confidence
  • Tapered sole design for versatility in shot making
  • Trailing edge relief for better performance from a variety of lies
  • Rifle Project X flighted shafts - Regular: 5.0; Stiff: 6.0
  • Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips
So, I get the best of both worlds.  The head size of the J36 pocket cavity irons are similar to my AP1's AND they're fully forged.  It's like a driving a Bentley compared to a Cadillac..both nice..but you get my drift.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hidden Valley kicked my butt..

So there we were..discussing where to play for next time over email amongst friends..we were naming a few courses around and we "decided" to play at Hidden Valley Golf Course.  I've never played there so there wasn't anything I could say negative or positive about it..just go play it..right?
 The course is in Norco (just found out that means North Corona..Nor-Co..) and set in the mountains..first turn off.

Don't get me wrong, mountain courses are extremely beautiful to look at and be admired, but golf courses should not be made on them.  It's just not normal..or maybe I'm wrong..but golf courses should be on relatively flat land.  I'm down with mild undulations on a fairway, but when you have continuous faiways where the ball will go kicking off to the sides at any given time..well that is just plain, ridiculously hard..and not fun..beautiful..but not fun. 

One thing that bothered the crap out of me at Hidden Valley is that EVERY tee shot had to be on the money.  Straight, down the middle, was the only thing acceptable.  Sure, the sweeping canyons and bush were majestic to look at, but anything less then down the middle and you were in Lost City (I just made that up..gotta use that next time).  Another thing(s) that bothered me were all the frigging uphill holes.  Do people think these are fun to tee off on?  Do you like subtracting 50 yards from your drives?..not me..unfortunately.
 The views on Hidden Valley were amazing and so was the wind too.  Usually, the wind dies down after a certain part of the day..but not here.  It was windy from hole #2 to the nineteeth. 

So lets add all these together..narrow fairways, uphill holes and a enjoyable mix..not.   But, ALAS there is a happy ending to all of buddy Joe..on a very legitimate downhill, 170 yard par 3 hole..pured the sweetest sounding 7 iron.  It was mesmerizing to look at..the ball took off and apexed like a shooting star in the started to perfectly fade and dropped like a took a nice kick to the right..started to roll..and roll..and roll right into the cup!  Screw Tiger woods and his infamous Nike ball at the buddie Joe's had more drama..and I got a free beer out of it too.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Got a Scotty..again.

After weeks of debate and research I got another Scotty Cameron..a Fastback 1, to be exact.  I have a straight back and straight through style so I needed a face balanced putter.  I loved the SC Red-X when it came out and was very close to getting it, but then I decided I wanted something newer..and the Fastback 1 fit the bill.  They are truly works of art and just look so right.

I'm a member over at The Cameron Collector and they have a bunch of good folks that are selling Scotty Camerons left and right.  I got mine from a fellow member over there, it's 34" and 350g..and it fits like a glove.  Does it make me a better golfer? wel..does owning a Lamborghini make you a better driver..does owning a Rolex make you tell the time better? get my drift.

Anyway, I can say it does give you a sense of confidence knowing that you are putting with one of the the best putters available..if not..the best.  If you've been looking here and there for a putter, pick up a Scotty..I guarantee you that you've reached your destination.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Arizona Golf..the time is now!

When we think of Arizona the first thing that comes to mind is the Grand Canyon right? Well, some of the the best courses in the U.S., and the world too, are all located in the Grand Canyon state. Arizona golf, from the southern desert to the northern flats, is considered some of the most beautiful and well-designed in the world.

Verdant fairways and cool ponds dot the region, providing enchanting contrast to the stark mesas and prickly cactus that define the landscape. With all of this plus clear skies year round, it’s no wonder that avid amateurs and prestigious professional tournaments alike make Arizona their home..perhaps why Phil (Mickelson) has his own grill in Scottsdale.

Now with so many courses to play in Arizona..which one..right? Well, when it comes to golf that makes even the greatest players restless with anticipation, Scottsdale tops the leader board. Scottsdale golf houses over 200 golf courses which have had some folks like Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson (duh), Kirk Triplett and Tom Weiskopf – many of whom call Scottsdale home. And not only does Scottsdale serve up gorgeous greens set amidst a stunning Sonoran Desert backdrop, the city also is home to an enviable collection of post-round hotspots that will keep you on par for the 19th hole.

Now, I have to admit Scottsdale is like the Beverly Hills of AZ golf, so if you're on a tighter budget there are still numerous holes to be had. Tucson golf and Phoenix golf also offers a very fine share of fairways and greens that won't break the bank. Either way, if you are looking to get away to some spectacular golf, golfing in Arizona can't be beat any way you look at it.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Golf Nomad..there is no substitute"

Recently, or usually, I run my blog name through Google (Golf Nomad) to be pleasantly happy to see that my blog "Golf Nomad"..the one and at the top of the search. BUT ALAS!! recently I saw that another golf blogger decided to call his blog "The" Golf Nomad..excuse my french..but WHAT THE FUCK?!?

I mean if if I had some generic blogger name like Golf Man, Golf Guy, Golf Guru, etc. that there could be some similarity in names..but Golf Nomad is pretty frigging I am the one who created it.

Anyway I decided to leave some posts on his site which he clearly deleted. I sent him a few emails which he did politely respond to but did not mention to change his name and said that he paid for the domain. I checked his site recently and looks like he did change his site name to something else..but the domain is the same.

What is lame is that the only underlying reason that he would want to take up my name and add "The" in front of it is to ride my coat tail hits. I agree that imitation is the highest form of flattery..but to name your blog by adding "The" in front of it is not flattering and flat out pisses me off.

If you guys want to check out this imposter, unfortunately, Google my name "Golf Nomad" and you'll see the imposters site "The Golf Nomad". To give credit, however, the imposter has changed the title of his blog to WAM Golf, but still enjoying hits under the one and only "Golf Nomad".

An $800 driver..? WTF..?!

I realize that golf clubs are expensive..but $800 for a driver? Either these are guaranteed to get you on the fairway EVERY TIME or Japanese golfers don't know what to do with their dough. I have to admit some are as "low?"as $499..but some are over $1000 (yes, one thousand dollars) for a driver..maybe this one, "Crazy", that is $1,289 says it all.

I've heard that Japanese goflers are golf fanatics, but it seems like buying a driver that over a grand is literally "crazy".

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The rules to live by.


1. Don't try to hit just ball on the tee..hit the whole area from the top of the ball to the bottom of the tee. This is your hitting zone..a lot bigger and nice right..(thanks to Natalie Gulbis)

2. The ball should be 2-3 ball right of your left heel. I say closer to 3, for me, as I tend to hit bad, low duck hooks if I play the ball closer to the heel.

3. Stay back on your right side at address..a must if you want to get the ball up.

4. Swing through the whole target zone (top of ball to bottom of tee..remember the Gulbis tip) like a good practice swing. DON'T try to hit it any need or reason..remember your swing should be as fast as your practice swing..period.


Keep your right elbow as "naturally" close to your side as possible on both the back and down swing..this puts your swing on track. It feels as all your right hand and elbow are doing is supporting the club on the right path. It feels shallow, but it's not.


Do not make unforced errors..these are inexcusable shots that you would've hit better given another try..duffs, skulls, fatties. If your unsure..hit a 6-7 iron and get out of there..better that than a unforced error duff.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Portugal Golf

One of the best places to play in the world is Portugal and to be more precise, the Algarve. The Algarve is about three hours from most European capitals and has been a hidden spot amongst golfers all around the world for nearly 30 years. Portugal's southern province is also famous for it's beautiful scenery and spectacular coastline. The main golfing season is from autumn to late spring. Winter are quite mild and golfers from all around can enjoy the warm, sunny days and keep their swings smooth when their home courses are unplayable. Here is a great place to check out the Algarve and other great places to golf in Portugal.

Henry Cotton who put the Algarve on the world golf map in the mid-sixties, at Penina, designed the first proper grass course here. It was one of three he created in the Algarve and a place he loved and made his home for almost 30 years.

During the 1970's and 1980's and the beginning of the 1990's, golf in Portugal really took off all along the southern coast of Portugal. What's peculiar is that none of these courses are more than 10 miles from the coast. The terrain her varies from steep hillsides of Parque de Flroesta to the sea-level course of Vilamoura III and Salgados. These two courses alogn with Palmares, includes links-style golf also.

The Algarve countryside, familiar to summer frequenters, gives way to an oasis at each of teh golf courses thanks to the large, state-funded water catchments and distribution centers, as well as private wells which tap into the underground water for constant irrigation. There are numerous water hazards on teh Algarve courses which will give all golfers a run for their money.

All in all, the Algarve, and golf in Portugal, with it's mild climate and reasonably priced restaurants, breath taking scenery, friendly people and obviously excellent golf courses, all combine to make a visit a well worth vacation to anyone.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Michelle Wie (.."E.T"?) is an alien..seriously.

I was reading the latest issue of GOLF magazine, March issue, and it had a interview with Michelle Wie. I love it that the gal does seem to be sincere in playing on the LPGA, but I've given this girl years to "grow up. I seriously believe that it's not an age thing anymore..but she is from outer space..but obviously cuter than E.T. Anyway, I won't go over the whole interview but here are a few..odd..tidbits:

GM: "What was your lowest point?"

MW: "I don't remember." <--..not even one low point? I remember at least a dozen in my ho-hum year.

GM: "What do you mean?"

MW: "I don't remember a lot from that time [nervous laugh]. I think I've blocked it out." < that's a gift..blocking out the whole of

GM: "You mean you don't dwell on it, or you literally don't remember?"

MW: "I literally do not remember a lot of things from that time."

GM: "You mean entire tournaments?" <--LOL!

MW: "Just in general. I don't remember a lot of things." <--nice.

GM: "Why? When was it most traumatic?"

MW: "I can't remember. I literally can't. I don't remember. It all blurs together. The year [2007] feels like it was a really short time." <--Yes, 365 days is a really "short time"..?!?

GM: "You said something at a press conference at the 2007 U.S. Women's Open that was very revealing. Do you remember that tournament?"

MW: "Not really." <--..shocker.

GM: "It was at Pine Needles [in North Carolina]." <--..see North Carolina Golf Courses.

MW: "I don't remember where it was played." <--..because you are a space alien.

Golf Melancholy..?

"Eh..?!?"..That's what I've been feeling lately about playing golf. Don't know what it is really. I mean I still LOVE watching it and heck I even play fantasy golf on Yahoo! (I go by the same "Golf Nomad" -- ranked 45,580). But, I really don't know why I'm in this "funk".

I'm not fanatical/maniacal about golf equipment like I used to be..which is not a bad thing as I've been saving money..but the vigor or "intensity" is not there as before. Once I get out, I do like playing it..but it's the part of getting out the course..that's like trying to push a car that's out of gas..and I've pushed plenty..and it is a fair comparison.

Anyway, hopefully as the weather warms up and we enter spring my mood will change..but for now my funk least I have this blog to provide somekind of golf psycho therapy.