Saturday, December 17, 2011

Enough is enough!!

One thing I am adamant about is that my golf clubs must look "clean".  Clean meaning void of useless, cosmetically, un-appealing stamps, graphics, etc. from the manufacturer.  One of my favorite designs off all time, well used to be, was the classic Cleveland 588 wedges.  It was flat-out plain, clean and beautiful.  Lately, however, the latest Titlest wedges and Cleveland wedges are just flooded with so many engravings, stamps, etc. on the head that it makes me naseous..and just makes the wedges ugly..and appealing.  Do we need to be "reminded" by the manufacturer what the wedges do or how they are different.  Are we as golfers that dumb?  Does K.I.S.S. come to mind?

Take a look at the heads on the latest offerings from Titleist and Cleveland..yucK:

Do we need the flying "BV", "SM4"..really?..really?, and forgot it is a "Vokey Design"


No need for explanation here..who makes this again?  This would be so bad ass without 99% of their graphics.

Seriously, what is up?  Do we need to be "reminded" that it is a "SM4" and isn't the "BV" enough..did we forget it's a "Bob Vokey" design.  I play with the older generation Spin Milled and personally that the little circular saw blade was a tad atrocious..but learned to get over it..but now..ugh.

NOW..look at the 588..what the hell?!?  I understand that it's a forged club..that's why I bought it, right? but, please I don't need a stamp saying "Precision Forged" and what up with that weird emblem underneath the Reg. 588?  Yes, I guess it's supposed to stand for "CF"? Cleveland Forged..I guess...but once again..yucK!  I still never like their "Tour Zip Groove" stamp either..similarly in the same place as a Vokey SM stamp.  We are not dumB! or perhaps they'll soon be selling ad space by other companies on them.  I can see it now..a little Starbucks or McDonald's stamp..

Mizuno has seemed to stay true and realize that simple is good..simple is great..simple is simple:

Mizuno R12..perfect.

How beautiful is this?  Hullo Titlest..Cleveland?

If you guys want to see some other gorgeous and "simple" wedges check these out..but *cough* it's gonna cost ya, but soooo worth it"

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I got it BAAAADDD!!

Signs that the golf bug has bit you on your ass (off the top of my head):

1. You check Craigslist and Ebay..incessantly.
2. You try to justify why you need to replace your current set (irons, woods, putters or all
3. You re-grip your irons when they aren't needed.
4. You scour the internet and sports/golf stores for the best prices and deals on Pro V1's.
5. You clean your irons better than your own teeth.
6. You golf bag is better organized than your own workroom..and you constantly re-organize.

For me:
1. Yes (scored major deals today..OMG so happy!!)
2. I bought, but sent back..seriously I love my current Mizzy's (Mx 25's)..what was I thinking?!
3. I contemplated it..and was going to get a great deal..but think old age is making me a wiser man..if it ain't broke why fix it..right?
4. Yep..
5. Yep..
6. Yep..

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Getting my mojo back!

It's been a super long time that I blogged here..but it's good to see that there are some hits coming through.  I finally dusted off the clubs and have been playing every week now for the last couple months.  It's been fun and feel the "bug" has bitten me again.  To be honest I had no desire to play, but after a few times at the range with my son, 8, even I started to get "into" it again.  I just played yesterday at Alhambra GC and it was a blast.  I can't remember the last time I played there but it was extremely enjoyable.

I think I'm growing up as a player as I really enjoy helping others improve with their own game.  A friend of mine just started getting into it and I really enjoy seeing his exuberance for the game.  He's a true student as he is learning all the good habits..counting EVERYTHING and putting EVERYTHING out..key traits in lowering your score and becoming a better player.  I'm a fan of players who never take their scores for granted.  This has also made me really inspect my game and made me be really aware of taking strokes for granted..a stroke is a stroke is a stroke.

Anyway I'm back!!