Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Holy smoke!! (really?)

Just caught this today, but c'mon really..I have to say I personally have made a Callaway driver spark as well..but c'mon..I say b.s. and the golfer probably did something that he should not have.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lija Style Golf Fashion

Tiger Woods was quoted as saying, “Hockey is for white guys, basketball is for black guys, and golf is for white guys who dress like pimps.”

Tiger is no fashion slouch, but women golfers are not leaving style in the locker room. Golf for Women has devoted an entire issue to style, featuring supermodel Ines Sastre.  Gone are polos and khaki’s and two-tone shoes. Today’s women pros know it’s all about marketing.

Morgan Pressel, tour star, was seen at New York Fashion Week, and endorsements from all the major athletic wear companies are a big part of a players income.  Paula Creamer is known for her earrings and is the tour’s fashionista. At the local level, more women are taking up the game and have given up having to dress like the boys.

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