Sunday, July 25, 2010

You don't need it..

As I've been playing with the Mizuno brand lately, and I've been slowly lurking around the various forums and Ebay and Craigslist looking to also get matching hybrids.  I was sooo..close to pulling the trigger and getting the same lofted Mizuno hybrids..but then..I came to my senses..why?

Right now, I play mixed hybrids..I play with a Titleist 585H 21 deg. and then a Nickent 3DX 24 deg..and you know what..I hit them both very well.  I've actually become very close with them like a pair of old just feels right everytime.

Sure, "technology" might have changed allowing me to get less spin and blah..blah..blah..but really..if I can hit my my current mixed set 220 and 200 yards consistently, what more can I ask for?  Anyway, to all of you guys in the same your'll thank me later.

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