Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ottawa Golf

When you think about Canada what's the first think that comes to mind?  For me it was the the McKenzie Brothers and Strange actually Canada, and especially be exact, is home to some of most gorgeous golf courses in the world.  Ottawa golf courses have some of the most pristine courses that are on equal terms and quality, if not surpassing, to your high-end private courses in the U.S. AND THEY'RE need to sign off on the house or the kids college fund..i.e. weekend nomads, like you and me, can feel part of high society too.

Loch March is a PUBLIC (hooray!) golf and country club that offers all the bells and whistles of your exclusive private clubs without those staggering initiation fees and minimum accounts often required with them..all packaged and delivered to you in a resort environment.   Their 18-hole, par 72 golf course is as renowned for it's superb beauty and has mature forests that make Loch March an ever changing short..flat out gorgeous!

The fairways and greens at Loch March are top-dressed to always ensure proper playing conditions..and these guys cut their tee decks (us yanks call them tee boxes) BY HAND..which make it look like a green..unbelievable!  This is a place of natural beauty. The golf holes at Loch March were not contrived; they were discovered on the natural topography of the March Highlands.

Loch March is a course that will inspire you to play your best game. Each hole presents a unique challenge, whether it's the pin position, a greenside bunker or well-placed stream. Risk or reward is evident at every hole. You'll find that par is demanding, yet a bogey is quite comfortable; that the golf course rewards the good shot yet doesn't penalize the poor ones and by the end of your round, you'll have used every club in your cookie cutter course here folks.

Without a doubt, golfers of all levels will enjoy their round at Loch March. Four different sets of tee blocks, from a touch over 5,000 yards to a hair under 7,000 yards, let you choose the most appropriate course length for your abilities. Their lush fairways and impeccable greens promise ideal conditions for you to play your best, whether you're out for a casual game or looking to test your skills.  Lay up or go for the green — it's your call.

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