Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Golf Nomad..there is no substitute"

Recently, or usually, I run my blog name through Google (Golf Nomad) to be pleasantly happy to see that my blog "Golf Nomad"..the one and at the top of the search. BUT ALAS!! recently I saw that another golf blogger decided to call his blog "The" Golf Nomad..excuse my french..but WHAT THE FUCK?!?

I mean if if I had some generic blogger name like Golf Man, Golf Guy, Golf Guru, etc. that there could be some similarity in names..but Golf Nomad is pretty frigging I am the one who created it.

Anyway I decided to leave some posts on his site which he clearly deleted. I sent him a few emails which he did politely respond to but did not mention to change his name and said that he paid for the domain. I checked his site recently and looks like he did change his site name to something else..but the domain is the same.

What is lame is that the only underlying reason that he would want to take up my name and add "The" in front of it is to ride my coat tail hits. I agree that imitation is the highest form of flattery..but to name your blog by adding "The" in front of it is not flattering and flat out pisses me off.

If you guys want to check out this imposter, unfortunately, Google my name "Golf Nomad" and you'll see the imposters site "The Golf Nomad". To give credit, however, the imposter has changed the title of his blog to WAM Golf, but still enjoying hits under the one and only "Golf Nomad".

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