Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Chip Like a true!

I'm not a fan of offering golf advice as there are a billion sites/blogs out there that do this..but one tidbit that is as true as the sun rising from the east is the "Chip like a Putt" technique.  Basically, as the title set up like your putting and use the same stroke but with a you're favorite wedge.

I like to go one step further and use this same technique from off the fringe and use a wider stroke for longer chips..I've taken my back swing as far back as the 9 or 10 o'clock position with absolute precision.  The key is don't break down and use any wrist hinge..that's a killer.  There is no need to read all the articles and books on wrist hinge and cocking..unless you're timing is as accurate as a Rolex..forget about all that non-sense..really..K.I.S.S,  I guarantee you this will knock STROKES off your round.

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