Monday, October 08, 2012

Light'em up!!

We play early morning, but now as the sun is rising later it's still pitch dark at the tee box.  I was prepared this time and bought a Tracer golf ball.  It's not mandatory to use a lighted ball, but unless you can stripe one down the middle at the crack of dawn..or actually at the crack of're screwed. 

It was actually entertaining to see my tee shot flickering in red..truly like a tracer round the military would use.  The ball is supposed to stay lit for 5 minutes according to the box, (but seemed less) so you have to find it after you hit it.  I highly suggest that you tee off last, to give you more time to find it.  Not sure how long the battery last (and honestly I don't know if you can even replace the battery) though.

You will only need to use this Tracer ball for probably the few holes anyhow as they are designed to only go 80% of normal distance and the feedback, from the ball, is rather harsh.  It looks and feels like a "Rcok-Flite".  It's a ball to just get you through the first few holes of darkness then you can switch to your preferred ball of play.

If you're an early riser and like to get out there before the rooster wakes up, I highly recommend getting one of these balls.  It sucks trying to find your ball in the dark and even a crappier feeling if you have to take a drop (..and the possibility of repeating this again and again.) for not finding your ball.  Save yourself the heartache/headache.