Monday, February 22, 2010

Michelle Wie (.."E.T"?) is an alien..seriously.

I was reading the latest issue of GOLF magazine, March issue, and it had a interview with Michelle Wie. I love it that the gal does seem to be sincere in playing on the LPGA, but I've given this girl years to "grow up. I seriously believe that it's not an age thing anymore..but she is from outer space..but obviously cuter than E.T. Anyway, I won't go over the whole interview but here are a few..odd..tidbits:

GM: "What was your lowest point?"

MW: "I don't remember." <--..not even one low point? I remember at least a dozen in my ho-hum year.

GM: "What do you mean?"

MW: "I don't remember a lot from that time [nervous laugh]. I think I've blocked it out." < that's a gift..blocking out the whole of

GM: "You mean you don't dwell on it, or you literally don't remember?"

MW: "I literally do not remember a lot of things from that time."

GM: "You mean entire tournaments?" <--LOL!

MW: "Just in general. I don't remember a lot of things." <--nice.

GM: "Why? When was it most traumatic?"

MW: "I can't remember. I literally can't. I don't remember. It all blurs together. The year [2007] feels like it was a really short time." <--Yes, 365 days is a really "short time"..?!?

GM: "You said something at a press conference at the 2007 U.S. Women's Open that was very revealing. Do you remember that tournament?"

MW: "Not really." <--..shocker.

GM: "It was at Pine Needles [in North Carolina]." <--..see North Carolina Golf Courses.

MW: "I don't remember where it was played." <--..because you are a space alien.

Golf Melancholy..?

"Eh..?!?"..That's what I've been feeling lately about playing golf. Don't know what it is really. I mean I still LOVE watching it and heck I even play fantasy golf on Yahoo! (I go by the same "Golf Nomad" -- ranked 45,580). But, I really don't know why I'm in this "funk".

I'm not fanatical/maniacal about golf equipment like I used to be..which is not a bad thing as I've been saving money..but the vigor or "intensity" is not there as before. Once I get out, I do like playing it..but it's the part of getting out the course..that's like trying to push a car that's out of gas..and I've pushed plenty..and it is a fair comparison.

Anyway, hopefully as the weather warms up and we enter spring my mood will change..but for now my funk least I have this blog to provide somekind of golf psycho therapy.