Thursday, May 13, 2010

New set on the way...

As you may know, lately, I've been getting "re-bit" by the golf bug.  This has led me to peruse the internet and research for a new set of clubs.  I really do like my AP1's and they feel great, BUT there is no feel like FORGED.  I use to play with the Mizuno T-Zoid PRO's forged and they were great.  I just played with a set of Titleist 690.CB forged..and once again..great.

But, as we all know, this feeling of GREATNESS or forged-ness comes at a price.  The 690.CB's had to be hit on the button or it was a serious loss of distance and accuracy.  I wasn't spraying them all over the place, but the slightest error at contact would magnify the end result.  I have to admit the head size on the 690.CB's are a tad smaller so there is not much room for error from the beginning.

I love the size of the head on my AP1's, and some have said they seem Callaway-ish..and I'll admit it..true, but they aren't shovels.  Well, after a long and exaustive research I've decided to leave my beloved Titleist family and jump ship and get the Bridgestone J36 Forged pocket cavity back irons.  I would've like to have stayed with Titleist, but they still need to offer a mid-size full forged iron.  Yes, I know they have the 704 and 804..but heck..those irons are over 5 years old..c'mon already.

I was about to bid on some used J36 pocket cavity iron sets on Ebay, but unbelievably, has them BRAND SPANKING NEW for $399..and free shipping..heck some of these guys on Ebay were starting their auctions on their used J36's for that!?  Anyway, I called my order in today and hopefully it should be here by Monday.  A friend of mine has the same set and they are truly beautiful to look at.  Something about an all-forged chrome set that sends goosebumps all over the place.  The J36 pocket cavity irons tend to be more forgiving than the full cavity backs as they offer a deeper CG (center of gravity) than the regular cavity backs. 

Tour Design, Maximum Forgiveness
The J36 Pocket Cavity irons from Bridgestone offer a blend of today's game forgiving technology with a traditionalist look. The J36 Pocket Cavity is cut into the back of the club, making the CG lower and deeper than any other club in the J36 line, while continuing to offer maximum feel and control.

  • Premium forged 1020 mild carbon steel
  • Deep CG enhanced by Pocket Cavity results in maximum forgiveness (Higher MOI)
  • Thicker top line and sole inspires confidence
  • Tapered sole design for versatility in shot making
  • Trailing edge relief for better performance from a variety of lies
  • Rifle Project X flighted shafts - Regular: 5.0; Stiff: 6.0
  • Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips
So, I get the best of both worlds.  The head size of the J36 pocket cavity irons are similar to my AP1's AND they're fully forged.  It's like a driving a Bentley compared to a Cadillac..both nice..but you get my drift.

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