Thursday, August 31, 2006

Nice fade..

I always wanted to try this to..

..he should've gone for a draw I say.."where'd it go?"..

Going to the "Chop Shop"..

Actually these two putter heads will be destined to the Scotty Cameron Custom Shop. I figure they are going to cost me about $250 for both for a full restore, but I got the putters fairly cheap so..

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I don't have any reshafting equipment at the house but I read some tips at The Cameron Collector. There's a DIY section and it said I could also use a gas stove..which I do have. I basically placed the head right on top of the flame for a few minutes. Then I gently stepped on top of the head and pulled the shaft right off. If anyone plans to do this just REMEMBER THAT THE HEAD IS EXTREMELY HOT. I placed mine on top of a towel on the floor and was wearing my running shoes..remember it's VERY HOT..think of a branding iron..yes..HOT.

My only problem is to determine to just restore them back to original specs or "customize" it with various paintfills and the custom stampings and colorful grips.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

They arrived..

I ordered a couple of funky looking grips on Ebay last week. I wanted some color and my sand wedges (Cleveland 588 Gun Metal 51 and 56 deg.) needed to be regripped. I was going to get them regripped with the red/black Winn G8 (like I did with all my irons recently..oops sorry forgot to post about that) but decided to do something different.

I was looking for a funkier color and ran across these grips from IOMIC. They are reported to have some kind of beneficial "ion" properties and that they emit a low level amount of "healthy" radiation, but beneficial to overall health, that improves my metabolism. I'm sure radiation will "improve" alot of things.

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No wonder my short game is out of whack..I've mismanagaged my ions..RADIATION?!?!. They look like big ol' carrots to me..

Monday, August 28, 2006

What a Day..

I'm still here and I know it's been awhile. I also didn't play any golf for about a month until this weekend. My normal playing buds were busy and out of town and I just didn't feel like going to the course so early just playing alone. That was topped with the luxury of sleeping in a little more.

On Saturday I played at Los Verdes Golf Course. It's one of the highest rated muni-golf courses in Los Angeles since its proximity to the ocean and panoramic views. I've played their only once about 8 years ago so I actually forgot how to get there but with the invention of Google map I found it. I ended up shooting a 90 which was I was surprised with (for the lack of golf I had played recently).

I personally think the course is much too over-rated and would say it is "similar" to Torrey Pines (south or north), as many have said it was like, but not quite. I did get to see the ocean on a few holes and there was one where it looked like you were literally teeing off into the ocean. It is nice course overall with all the greens breaking toward the ocean. Not really a difficult course but the greens are fairly tricky I thought.

The highlight, for me, was a drivable par 4 downhill. It was about 320 yards but into the ocean wind. I hit one of the purest drives, for me, on this hole and landed 5 feet from the green. I hit a great chip and had 2 feet for a birdie..I managed to par..ugh. What really surprised me was that I had four birdie opportunities that day..the most I've ever had in a LONG time..I par'ed all 4 though.

Yesterday I played in my friend's son fundraising golf tourney at Scholl Canyon Golf Course. I've played at Scholl Canyon a couple times before but just not a fan of "executive" courses but it is a wonderful "executive" course that is nestled away in the Scholl Canyon Mountains..sorry..I made that up..not sure what the mountain range is called..but sounded nice.

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It was a 4-man scramble and I finally found out he difference between a scramble and a best ball. We ended up with a final score a -3..not bad..but not low enought to win. The winners were -8. The highlight for me was when I won one of the "closest-to-pin" contest and ended up winning $80 on the hole..but I ended up donating that to the fundraising proceeds..which all the other "closest-to-pin" winners followed suit.

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It was the first time I ever won a "closest-to-pin" hole though. It was a very short par 3, 90 yards, and I hit an easy wedge. It ended up about 1 foot from the hole. I knew that I had a great chance of winning that one..which I did.

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I was also busy the last few week because I was looking for a car for myself..a daily commuter. I was thinking of getting a used Toyota Camry (couple years old) but ended up getting a brand new Toyota Matrix.

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I was actually going to get a Toyota Corolla but then found out the Matrix is the same car/engine/frame but a little bigger interior. I wanted something I could easily carry my golf clubs in and this was the charm. The rear seats fold all the way down to actually go straight flush flat for mucho cargo room. Mine looks exactly like the one pictured above but in "Cosmic Blue Metallic".

I sold a majority of my Scotty Cameron's this past week also, but I did buy a mint condition "Inspired By Brad Faxon" Laguna 2.5

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It is sweeeeeet. I only have four Cameron's left..they're beaters and I am planning on sending a couple of them to the Custom Shop to get restored..can't wait!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Been busy..

I know I haven't posted in a while. We just celebrated our daughters 1st birthday and just didn't have time to put anything up golf worthy. I got to play last week at the Montebello Country Club. A nice course, for a muni, with a healthy dose of fairway bunkers. The course has numerous doglegs (lefts) which didn't set up to my drives. I either went fairly straight running past the dogleg into the trees or a bad cut that REALLY didn't help. The greens, I thought, were in very peculiar condition though. It seemed they were just damp the whole day and felt like you were putting a a damp sponge. I really hated the way the ball rolled. You really had to give it a good tap and thus it was hard to manage my distance/speed control.

I've also been "collecting" various Scotty Cameron putters lately. It's been truly an addiction, to say the least, and I can see why people collect baseball cards or comic books. I've bought and sold 5 Camerons already and will be in possession of 5 more. It's going to be harder to decide whether I want to sell these or keep them this time since they're a little more rare than the first batch. I get most of my information and knowledge in the world of Scotty Cameron at The Cameron Collector.

I have a Coronado Classic in a rustic raw state, but oiled, which I think looks flat out beautiful..and I know I'm going to keep for awhile. I just got a Laguna TeI3 which is also a beauty. Then I have a couple of Pro Platinum's in the Laguna 2 and 2.5. I then got a Newport Mil-Spec which is fairly rare.

I've been forgetting to take the digital camera out to the course to shoot some pictures with it but will DEFINITELY take it out this weekend.