Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bridgeston J36 Pocket Cavity vs. Mizuno MX 25

Well, I finally got out today to test the Bridgestone J36 Pocket Cavity forged irons AND..I also got the Mizuno MX 25, also forged, to compare.  I know these are two different style irons and the J36 PC's are definitely more of a players iron, whereas the MX 25 are more of a game improvement iron.  I ran up and down both sets at the range under the same conditions today and the varying results of both sets were apparent. 

Let's begin with the J36 PC's, which I noticed immediately that the ball flight was lower BUT, much more penetrating than the MX 25's.  A lot probably had to due with the stiffer Project X 5.0 flighted shafts and that the swingweight on the J36 PC's are a D-3.  Just swinging the J36 PC's and you can immediately feel the heft of the iron. 

Fortunately, I have a smooth swing, which this iron requires, but you will be rewarded with a pure, low-mid ball flight.  I would have to say however I was about a club short all around with the J36 PC's.  There is a little room and less than perfect contact is immediate loss of distance.  These would be perfect for windy days where you wouldn't want the a low ball flight.  What seemed kind weird was that all the irons seem to act their respective lofts, however, on the 5 iron the flight seemed just too low and seemed more of a 3 iron flight.  Not sure if the lofts were off..but it was VERY apparent. 

The Mizuno MX 25's were a joy to hit and I have to be honest, easier and more forgiving.  I knew these were better suited for me when I tried to hit the 3 iron, which I never use nowadays, and hit a perfect laser down the middle with the first swing.  The ball flight is exactly what I was looking for and it got the ball up high.  The feeling is unbelievable with grain flow forged irons.  These hard as rock range balls felt like almost got to a point where they felt a tad too mushy..if that's possible.  The shaft was the Dynamic Gold SL R300..and I feel tempted to try it in the S300.  I like the headsize of the MX 25's as it is identical to the Titleist AP1's that I was using before, but a thinner topline and obviously the unmatch forged feel.  I felt like I was almost swinging to fast with these irons.  It may be because I was hitting the heavier and stiffer J36 PC's and then these..but I'd still like to try these in the S300.

Both the J36 PC's and the MX 25's were a joy to hit and felt awesome, but the MX 25's were definitely more "fun" and easier to get going.  I have to say you need a fast head speed to get the true effectiveness of the J36 PC's, whereas with the MX 25's it's more player will do with what you have. 

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