Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Back to basics..

Well, I'm finally going to make my way out again and start playing more golf. I haven't played since the end of May and before that my desire was very lack luster, at best, and in decline. I know something was up when I would think about playing and then think about all the reasons NOT to play..eventually the reasons not to play always won over. Lately, however, I've been thinking of the reasons I loved playing like the smell of the early morning grass, the feel of a good chip, the feedback from a well hit iron, the early morning golf ball tracks on the green. As insignificant as each one of these are, all of them together really make the experience wonderfully bliss.

I've decided to also really streamline my bag and start walking the course again. I put the Sun Mountain Speedcart and cart bag in the garage and sold the GPS unit. I've also taken all the even numbered irons out of the bag and only going to carry the bare essentials. I'm going to start becoming a student of the game..again. True, I've been playing off and on for over two decades now and know what it takes to hit the ball, but now is the time to work on my mental approach to the game and working the essentials to becoming a better golfer.

12 billion dollars and counting..

Maybe I'm late to all of this and I couldn't see too much buzz on the Golf Channel but looks like this is the end with Tiger and Elin Woods. Looks like "The Man" is out and on the prowl..literally..as he was spotted partying with one of his former..well I guess not former now..mistresses.


This fiasco has reportedly cost shareholders of American Express, Gatorafe, Gillette and Nike 12 billion dollars.

The study focused on nine sponsors: Accenture; American Express; AT&T; Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf (Electronic Arts); Gillette (Proctor and Gamble); Nike; Gatorade (PepsiCo); TLC Laser Eye Centers; and Golf Digest (News Corp.). Overall, the researchers figure the scandal reduced shareholder value in the sponsor companies by 2.3 percent, or about $12 billion.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Funny Stuff..sorry Tiger.

I just got a link sent to me by My Dog Ate My Blog on Tiger..hillarious. Not much to say about the whole issue so far. "You Da' Man" got caught for something that was eventually going to happen..sooner than later. I offer him no sympathy as I too am a family man and he should've..at least..thought about his kids.

I think in a case with Tiger..he's not "The Man" this time. I think deep inside he's just a kid, or shall we say a cub. Sure he can handle the pressure of draining a downhill, double breaking 10 foot putt on a plane of glass, but reality is he has a family to deal with now and at best he's a bogey golfer here..something I, and other proud fathers, can beat him at for sure. His ball(s) went OB and there are no free drops.

I'm getting excited and can't wait to see the expression on my kids face when they wake up tomorrow morning. I guess you know you're a parent when you get more excited in buying the kids goodies, rather than receiving. Anyway, Merry Christmas everyone, even you too Tiger.