Wednesday, June 02, 2010

New driver..MP 600

As you guys may know I have decided to go with the Mizuno MX-25's for my irons, but I had an inkling to also try a Mizuno driver..and decided to go with the MP 600 (yes, it's not the latest driver from Mizuno, which is the MP 630). I've never played with a Mizuno driver, but from what I've heard it's a "players" driver, meaning it's not going to help much if you don't have a swing, which should be fine as I've been playing Titleist drivers for the last few years.

I decided to give the latest technology of these movable weights a go also. The MP 600 has these two movable (secured in a U-shape track) weights that you can manipulate to various configurations that can alter the trajectory of the ball. I still have to try it to believe it..but I'm sure if you're not a consistent hitter, these weights aren't going to do anything for you.  Also, another thing I really like about the MP 600 is that IT LOOKS CLEAN..very similar to how my Titleist 905R looks..nothing fancy or crazy pain schemes..just plain goodness.

Also, I was able to pick it up on Ebay for $130, new, which I had to jump on. If it hits anything like my Titleist 905R AND I can mess with the trajectory..then it sounds like a bunch of fun. It should be arriving sometime next week, so after I really put it through it's pace I'll give you guys a better report on it.

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