Sunday, October 03, 2010

Stack and Tilt

I know I'm late to the game here when discussing the Stack and Tilt Golf Swing, but to be honest I've always heard about it and wanted to try it, BUT never had the time to really see what it is about.  I recently was able to review the original book on the Stack and Tilt technique.  I am by no means a teaching pro, but I do agree with the principles behind this technique..keep the weight on the forward foot at impact.  The Stack and Tilt also seems to incorporate some aspects of the one plane swing as well, which I use, which is to keep the lead arm across your chest on the back swing.

I have to admit I have used the Stack and Tilt technique on my iron shots and you do get an unbelievable feeling of clean impact.  I agree that this technique should not be the first one to be taught to the beginner golfer as you need to have basic swing fundamentals down.  In a nutshell, on the Stack and Tilt, you want to keep a majority of your weight on the lead foot on the backswing and through the downswing.  What this also does is keep you from hitting fat and allowing you to hit that nice divot AFTER you hit the ball.  It's also a technique for those players who tend to stay back on the shot, which is not good.

I've hit numerous shots with this technique and I do notice that the shot is more powerful, but I have also noticed that it also increases the trajectory of the shot as well.  It seems this technique makes you come down on a steeper angle, which makes sense for the higher trajectory.

I am still reading the book on the Stack and Tilt swing, and agree on the principles behind it.  I have used it on my irons and they have been very pure and penetrating.  On my driver swing, I still use my own swing (shallow) as the Stack and Tilt makes my driver swing come into the ball on a steeper angle.  Either way, if you haven't tried it, it may be worthwhile to check out.


golf course ratings said...

Sometimes, what is written in the book can be handy. It is not always on how you knew some things.

Andrew said...

I agree totally with you..alot of people say you can find everything on the web these days. The thing is it's "handier" to have it available offline as well.