Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pet (Golf) Peeves..

I was reading these from the Game Under Repair blog and I have to say I have to agree with all of them..and I have a few more to list.

"For Fun" guy
I actually like playing with these guys, but after awhile I think it affects my game as I start to lose focus as well.  Usually, these guys get tied in with the Mulligan Lover guy (see below) or share the same traits.  You can tell the "For Fun" guys straight off the bait because they'll never give you a score and when you ask, it comes off like a fart in church.  I think that the "For Fun" guys should save their money and go buck wild on the range..but then again they need love too. 

Marker Cheater guy 
There's not much to say about this guy but he's the one that will place the ball marker a few inches IN FRONT of his ball.  I know it's not much..but still..a lot can happen in an inch..absolutely abominable..and bugs the crap out of me.

Mulligan Lover guy
This guy shares the same traits as the "For Fun" guy, but what kills me is that he'll drop a ball whenever it seems best with no regard for his final score on the hole.  The Mulligan Lover (and For Fun guy) guy should never say what they shot as it's B.S...always.  It always kills me though that the Mulligan Lover guy likes to spread misery and insists that whoever hits a bad shot should take one..go to the range.

"You're in my view" guy 
I've only encountered this type of player twice in my golfing career..and that's twice too many.  He's the guy that demands that you not be in his peripheral vision of sight on his shots and his putts.  It's actually very irritating..and downright be absolutely out of sight from players that are about to make a swing.  Always having this person remind you that he can see you is just being a big pain in the ass.  You deserve this is your first name is Arnold and last name is Palmer..otherwise..go to the range.

Arrogant golf equipment guy
Quite possibly the worst guy to ever encounter on the course.  Not only will he give you an earful of what he plays, launch conditions, shaft spining, spin rate, blah..blah..blah..he'll have the audacity to tell you you're playing the wrong equipment and why..what the hell..go to the range.

Get your mouth off my ball guy
Not a sexual thing, but the guy that gives an immediate "Great shot" even when he knows that it's headed for disaster.  Can you please wait a few seconds before issuing your absurd comments without knowing (caring) where it's fate will be?

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