Sunday, April 25, 2010

The rules to live by.


1. Don't try to hit just ball on the tee..hit the whole area from the top of the ball to the bottom of the tee. This is your hitting zone..a lot bigger and nice right..(thanks to Natalie Gulbis)

2. The ball should be 2-3 ball right of your left heel. I say closer to 3, for me, as I tend to hit bad, low duck hooks if I play the ball closer to the heel.

3. Stay back on your right side at address..a must if you want to get the ball up.

4. Swing through the whole target zone (top of ball to bottom of tee..remember the Gulbis tip) like a good practice swing. DON'T try to hit it any need or reason..remember your swing should be as fast as your practice swing..period.


Keep your right elbow as "naturally" close to your side as possible on both the back and down swing..this puts your swing on track. It feels as all your right hand and elbow are doing is supporting the club on the right path. It feels shallow, but it's not.


Do not make unforced errors..these are inexcusable shots that you would've hit better given another try..duffs, skulls, fatties. If your unsure..hit a 6-7 iron and get out of there..better that than a unforced error duff.

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