Monday, July 05, 2010

As smooth as butter..

After playing with the Mizuno MP 600 driver a few times now I have to say that the distance I get is about the same as the Titleist 905R I used before.  One thing that I had to get used to was a smoother swing with the MP-600 since the shaft is 45" (the shaft on the 905R is 44"), but after a few hits it was easier than I thought to get adjusted to.  I noticed with the longer shaft it required less effort for me, compared to the shorter shaft, to get the same distance..which makes sense.

Sometimes, I get into trouble when I try to "step on it" to get a little more and end up with a low hook with the shorter driver (905R at 44") but with this one, and with it's longer length, it negates that effect..another reason I may keep it.  It's like eating a piece of can't just stick it in your mouth and have to chew and chew first.

I have to say, however, I still have not bough into the whole weight technology system as I had set the MP-600 to launch the ball high (both weight in the center/rear position)..but still get a medium trajectory.  I know I have a shallow swing, but still this "technology" should at least give me a little "bump" in this area.  Either way, I do really like the way the MP 600 looks..almost like the 905R..very plain and standard setup..and it has no alignment markers..but at this point anyone who plays with one already should know how to align the ball to the driver.

If you're looking to try the MP-600 out, they're pretty cheap on Ebay nowadays and can probably be had for under $150, new, and less if you want to go the used route.

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