Monday, May 31, 2010

Back To The 80's

I'm a fan of everything '80's..especially when it comes to my golf score. I decided to go with the Mizuno MX-25's, more on this later, and played at Mile Square Park (Players Course) today with a buddy of mine. I've played the "Classic" course, which has mature trees throughout the course and meandering doglegs here and there. The fairways are flat with faster greens. The "Players" course is more of your modern style course.  There's more water that come into play with slightly undulating fairways, however, the greens are much more forgiving..slower. Okay, enough about the courses.

I was hitting all my irons nicely, but without a doubt the forged feeling was adding alot more confidence and feel as the day progressed. There's an absolute difference between my Titleist AP1's and these Mizuno MX-25's. The MX-25's felt buttery soft, but I noticed I was able to really get the ball up there without much effort. I was literally aiming at the pin on many holes. The trajectory was awesome..the ball would go up and come down like a lawn dart. I was literally playing all yardages straight to the pin..and needless to say I shot a 85 in the end.

The key to shooting a "good" score is you MUST KEEP UNFORCED ERRORS (like tennis) AT A MINIMUM! What I mean by an UNFORCED ERROR are shots that shouldn't have been made in the first fatties, shanks, thin ones, etc. You know..the ones if you were given another chance you would've just hit a 7 iron and moved on..right? I always keep track of these "error" shots and for me if I can keep then to 15 or less I know I'll be under 90. Today I hit 13 of these errors..which obviously proved my theory of breaking 90 (85). I had 9 pars, 5 bogeys and 4 doubles.

One thing that bothers me is that we played the course from the white tees (6,334 yards), and not the blue tees (6,759 yards). Obviously, I'm going to play this course again, but from the blues so I can get a better estimate of my renewed confidence..and if I'm really coming around to the next level..Stay tuned!

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