Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hidden Valley kicked my butt..

So there we were..discussing where to play for next time over email amongst friends..we were naming a few courses around and we "decided" to play at Hidden Valley Golf Course.  I've never played there so there wasn't anything I could say negative or positive about it..just go play it..right?
 The course is in Norco (just found out that means North Corona..Nor-Co..) and set in the mountains..first turn off.

Don't get me wrong, mountain courses are extremely beautiful to look at and be admired, but golf courses should not be made on them.  It's just not normal..or maybe I'm wrong..but golf courses should be on relatively flat land.  I'm down with mild undulations on a fairway, but when you have continuous faiways where the ball will go kicking off to the sides at any given time..well that is just plain, ridiculously hard..and not fun..beautiful..but not fun. 

One thing that bothered the crap out of me at Hidden Valley is that EVERY tee shot had to be on the money.  Straight, down the middle, was the only thing acceptable.  Sure, the sweeping canyons and bush were majestic to look at, but anything less then down the middle and you were in Lost City (I just made that up..gotta use that next time).  Another thing(s) that bothered me were all the frigging uphill holes.  Do people think these are fun to tee off on?  Do you like subtracting 50 yards from your drives?..not me..unfortunately.
 The views on Hidden Valley were amazing and so was the wind too.  Usually, the wind dies down after a certain part of the day..but not here.  It was windy from hole #2 to the nineteeth. 

So lets add all these together..narrow fairways, uphill holes and wind..wow..what a enjoyable mix..not.   But, ALAS there is a happy ending to all of this..my buddy Joe..on a very legitimate downhill, 170 yard par 3 hole..pured the sweetest sounding 7 iron.  It was mesmerizing to look at..the ball took off and apexed like a shooting star in the sky..it started to perfectly fade and dropped like a marshmellow..it took a nice kick to the right..started to roll..and roll..and roll right into the cup!  Screw Tiger woods and his infamous Nike ball at the Masters..my buddie Joe's had more drama..and I got a free beer out of it too.

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