Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Got a Scotty..again.

After weeks of debate and research I got another Scotty Cameron..a Fastback 1, to be exact.  I have a straight back and straight through style so I needed a face balanced putter.  I loved the SC Red-X when it came out and was very close to getting it, but then I decided I wanted something newer..and the Fastback 1 fit the bill.  They are truly works of art and just look so right.

I'm a member over at The Cameron Collector and they have a bunch of good folks that are selling Scotty Camerons left and right.  I got mine from a fellow member over there, it's 34" and 350g..and it fits like a glove.  Does it make me a better golfer? wel..does owning a Lamborghini make you a better driver..does owning a Rolex make you tell the time better? get my drift.

Anyway, I can say it does give you a sense of confidence knowing that you are putting with one of the the best putters available..if not..the best.  If you've been looking here and there for a putter, pick up a Scotty..I guarantee you that you've reached your destination.

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