Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Porsche..there is no substitute.

I occasionally like to frequent and see what Porsche Design has up their sleeves when they put out golf related equipment. They're known quite well for their design element and produce very high end and sleek items all together. Although I could never afford this stuff, they're more like modern art pieces to me.
This device you're looking at right now is their Porsche Golf Trolley or better known to us mortals as a golf cart.
"Magnesium wheels in intelligent design with Porsche Crest. Compatible with Porsche golf-bag, which is mounted easily and securely on the golf trolley using a special adapter set. Comes with standard adapter for all other golf-bag types. Can also be used in conjunction with scorecard holder and umbrella holder. Two trolleys can be stowed in front luggage compartment of Boxster, Cayman S and 911 models."
The retail price is $2050..yes two thousand and fifty dollars..U.S. Oh, and if you want a score card keeper it's an additional $236..yes..two hundred thirty six dollars..U.S. Thank god I can put two of these babies in front of my Carrera..not.
My Sun Mountain was only $189..and that came with a score card holder..delivered. I'm not sure if the Porsche Golf Trolley is any better than your Bag Boys or Sun Mountains out there on the course but I bet online you'll be the fastest (if not the coolest). Who knows maybe you'll play quicker rounds.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

TAG Heuer Golf Watch

"The first watch for golf professionals, developed and worn by Tiger Woods. It has been specially designed to meet golfers’ special requirements. Its high-tech materials and carefully studied ergonomic design means that the TAG Heuer professional golf watch will never bother a golfer during the swing."

I, for one, do not wear a watch because I just don't like anything on my wrists when I play. Supposedly the TAG Heuer "professional" golf watch will never bother me during my swing. The site is quite beautiful and has numerous "exploded" views of the watch and how it functions.

I'm a fan of TAG Heuer watches and consider them one of the highest quality time pieces available. This watch has a classy look yet very sporty. It'd be interesting to see if Tiger does wear it while he plays. I think it looks alot better than his other golf watch by TAG Heuer.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Titleist AP1

Well, after a slump in wanting to play golf these past few months I decided to go to a local golf store to demo some new sets.

I had my eye on the Mizuno MP 57 but after a few swings with it, I just became honest with myself and said these just demand too much of a perfect swing everytime and just a little too much iron for me..heartbroken.

I told the golf fitter what I was looking for. I wanted my ball to go straight and high..I'm not picky. He told me to try the Titleist AP1. At first I was hesitant as I had my heart set on the MP 57's but that got no where quick (see above) so why not give the AP1's a go.

I'm not a fan of irons that have alot of offset and the AP1's do not. They have a little, but no where near that of a Callaway. He gave me a 6 iron that had the Dynamic Golf HL (High Launch) shaft in R300 flex. My first hit was straight and just took off with a high penetrating flight..not balloon. It was truly effortless and I didn't have to get perfect with it. The 6 iron went as high as my old 7 was honestly beautiful to look at.

As I got more courageous I started to increase some juice on the swings and the only thing it did was that they tended to push a tad..but WELL within an acceptable range. The balls honestly felt like I was hitting marshmellows. The elastomer insert probably adds to this feeling, but if you hit it on the toe you will know.

I have always been a skeptic when it comes to golf equipment and have NEVER bought a new set. These Titlest AP1's were just perfect and I am so excited to get fitted..tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I like Carlos Franco..

I ask many of my friends who they would like to play with..but preface that inquiry that this person cannot be related to you or Tiger Woods. I've kept a mental rolodex of players I'd like to play with over the years and at anytime has never included Tiger Woods. One person I would like to play with or even just pick the brain of is Carlos Franco..*chime cricket sounds*

Yes, I know he's not the most well known player and I don't even think most people know where he's from. I ask around and most of the golfers I know say he's from Spain. (He's from Asuncion, Paraguay). What really makes me like this guy is how he grew up, his lifestyle and approach to professional golf.

There a good video of him that shows how simple he lives during a tournament and not necessarily in a lap of luxury. Being one of six brothers from a one bedroom "home" and learning how to play from his father, who was a caddy, on a three hole course is nothing short of amazing. I also admire his non-chalant approach to the demands of the PGA Tour. It is well know that his practice "regime" consists of a few balls before the tournament round begins. There have been times where he has gone straight from his car to the first hole tee box which I am, and I'm sure the rest of us, all too familiar with as well.

GPS devices galore..uPro

I just got my the latest TGW (The Golf Warehouse) catalog yesterday. I usually thumb through it immediately to see if there's anything new and or exciting. Most of the time it's the same stuff throughout but what caught my attention were how many different GPS devices (not laser rangefinder) are out there now.
It used to be that SkyCaddie was the only GPS device available but as I browsed the TGW catalog there were devices from uPro, GolfBuddy and GolfLogix. I'm sure there will be more before the year is over.

Although all of these do the saem function of providing yardage to various places on the hole the device that really peaked my interest was the uPro device. Where as the screens on all GPS units are one dimensional, the uPro is a fully color, 3-D, unit that actually provides true, vibrant, color images of the what you would see on your t.v. The kicker is it has "highly developed GPS and Laser Range capabilities.." I visited their site and it is very interactive and informative. I'm not going into detail on everything the uPro does, their awesome site and do that, but in a nutshell it does everthing else a "regular" GPS device can't do. It even has voice recognition software..crazy. One quick thing that caught my attention was that it DOES NOT REQUIRE SOFTWARE, like my SkyCaddie (SG3), so you can use from any computer, anytime. Also it should be noted there is no annual membership fee but you do need to buy the courses to download. There are 2 types of course modes. "Basic Mode" which is just like all the other GPS devices and then the "Pro Mode" which provides full color aerial satellite shots of the hole and video flyovers and includes the "Basic Mode" capabilities.
The retail price on it is $399.95 (looking at my TGW catalog.). I'm not "bells and whistles" type of player and just happy with basic functions. I have to admit I haven't had any problems with my SC SG3 but wouldn't mind trying the uPro..I love gadgets.