Monday, February 22, 2010

Golf Melancholy..?

"Eh..?!?"..That's what I've been feeling lately about playing golf. Don't know what it is really. I mean I still LOVE watching it and heck I even play fantasy golf on Yahoo! (I go by the same "Golf Nomad" -- ranked 45,580). But, I really don't know why I'm in this "funk".

I'm not fanatical/maniacal about golf equipment like I used to be..which is not a bad thing as I've been saving money..but the vigor or "intensity" is not there as before. Once I get out, I do like playing it..but it's the part of getting out the course..that's like trying to push a car that's out of gas..and I've pushed plenty..and it is a fair comparison.

Anyway, hopefully as the weather warms up and we enter spring my mood will change..but for now my funk least I have this blog to provide somekind of golf psycho therapy.

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