Thursday, September 30, 2010

Got locked out?

No, I don't mean your car..but if you're like me and got a smartphone (I got a BlackBerry recently off of Craigslist) you probably can't use it with your provider unless you enter an UNLOCK CODE for your device.  It may be unlocked within your carrier, amongst other similar carrier SIM cards, but you will not be able to swap out one carrier's SIM card for another..meaning..if you're on T-MOBILE, you will not be able to swap that SIM card into a AT&T "locked" phone..make sense?

Okay, so after doing my internet homework and perusing the internet, YouTube and Google, I found  I read into them and they are VERY LEGIT and are based in the good ol' U.S. (Salt Lake City)

100% Money Back Guarantee - Our cell phone unlocking service will unlock your phone safely and effectively or we will refund your payment in full. You can reach us any time during business hours by calling 1-800-891-0625 anywhere in The United States. Or call our local number: 801-415-5176. Unlike almost all of our competitors we can be reached by telephone and are usually online for live chat support. We also respond to emails usually within just a couple minutes during hours of operation. (9 AM - 11 PM Mountain Time)

Anyway, I gave them a shot and figured I'd get my unlock code tomorrow.  After I paid for it (I used my PayPal account, but they take credit cards), I took a glance into my email and VOILA!  My code was there in less than 5 minutes (probably less than that too!)

BUT WAIT!! GET IT FOR FREE!! - BEFORE you enter your unlock code, make a video while you are unlocking your phone and post it to YouTube and you'll get a complete refund on your unlock you get your unlock code FOR FREE!  Now, that's something you hear these days too often. Check them out here!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Gotta love Bubba and Rickie.

Bubba cracks me 1:07 "Tiigerr..Tiger Woods.."..hillarious.

Rickie's a good guy for sporting those red Puma running