Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fog Sucks.

I got out yesterday to play a round and it was foggy as hell.  I "was" o.k. with it, but that stuff was not burning off.  It was foggy for the front nine holes and you couldn't see past 10 be honest it sucked.  I was then thinking of getting smacked right in the head by a golf ball from people behind us, as they for sure were not going to see us in the middle of the fairway.  

You had to literally guess where the green was when you got into striking range.  I have played at this course a dozen times, but when you can't see past 30 feet, it sucks.  I ended up hitting everything really short, on the side of caution, but it just wasn't anywhere as enjoyable.  I'd rather play in a downpour without any rain gear than play in this thicket of fog.  The second half of the round was perfect, but not being able to see the front nine holes wore me out..mentally.  


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Started walking..

I was in a I replace the tires on my Sun Mountain Speed Cart (wheel are flat)..about $70 for all three (for the foam ones)..or get a lighter stand bag to start walking again?  I opted for the latter and picked up a pretty cool Mizuno Stand Bag (Aerolight I think)..I know there are lighter ones out there..but mine weighs 5 lbs..but I won the auction and the bag only set me back $31..brand new.  To be honest, not sure if I'll notice the additional 1lb.  I know there are much lighter ones out there also..but then I don't want something that only carries 2 clubs.

I was worried I would get tired, but I easily managed to walk a full 18 holes today without a problem.  the funny thing is that I also shot one of my lower rounds in awhile as well. 

I'm contemplating now just to sell my Sun Mountain cart altogether and just use the proceeds toward something else.  It was really refreshing to walk the course and play like I did before.  With the cart bag (on the Sun Mountain) I brought all sorts of additional clubs, but I think that also affected what clubs to play during the round..just too many to decide on.  It was easy to know I was limited to what I could use today and to be honest did not reflect on my I shot even better than my last round.

I was hesitant on how many balls I should bring as my cart bag always has a bunch.  I took a gamble and brought 6..and ended up with 6 at the end.  I can't remember the last time I lost even more than a couple.  Here's to a new, or a return, way to start playing..again.

Monday, October 08, 2012

Light'em up!!

We play early morning, but now as the sun is rising later it's still pitch dark at the tee box.  I was prepared this time and bought a Tracer golf ball.  It's not mandatory to use a lighted ball, but unless you can stripe one down the middle at the crack of dawn..or actually at the crack of're screwed. 

It was actually entertaining to see my tee shot flickering in red..truly like a tracer round the military would use.  The ball is supposed to stay lit for 5 minutes according to the box, (but seemed less) so you have to find it after you hit it.  I highly suggest that you tee off last, to give you more time to find it.  Not sure how long the battery last (and honestly I don't know if you can even replace the battery) though.

You will only need to use this Tracer ball for probably the few holes anyhow as they are designed to only go 80% of normal distance and the feedback, from the ball, is rather harsh.  It looks and feels like a "Rcok-Flite".  It's a ball to just get you through the first few holes of darkness then you can switch to your preferred ball of play.

If you're an early riser and like to get out there before the rooster wakes up, I highly recommend getting one of these balls.  It sucks trying to find your ball in the dark and even a crappier feeling if you have to take a drop (..and the possibility of repeating this again and again.) for not finding your ball.  Save yourself the heartache/headache.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Shaft..damn straight..

After a month of dealing with a sore arm I decided to finally get some new shafts for my irons.  Previously, they were the stock True Temper Dynalite Gold XP S300..about 117g a piece.  They required a lot of effort on my part to get them going.  I also noticed that my grip tension got tighter to when using these shafts.

I've been playing with them for a year, but they always felt too heavy for me.  I previously used the Dynalite SL R300 which felt great, but unfortunately they were on another set (Mizuno MX-25) that I had sold to upgrade to the MX-200.  Looking back, I should've just stayed with the MX-25's as it is IDENTICAL to my current set, the MX-200..just some different graphics..but anyways..

Well, enough was enough and I decided to "upgrade" to a modern, lighter, shaft..the Nippon N.S. PRO 950GH.  I read up alot on these and many reviews said that they felt great for the smooth swinger (me) and they got the ball up high (which I like).

I've been playing a couple rounds to get used to them and I've been REALLY been enjoying them.  They are considerably lighter (95g) than the XP S300's (117g) which has allowed me to keep my swing speed up, if not a bit faster.  It would be comparable from swinging a broad sword and to a foil.  The ball really takes off and get nice and high.  I did notice that they play just a hair softer than the Dynalite SL R300's, but not by much.  I can really power through my swing, like before, with the Nippon 950GH.  It feels like running in running shoes, rather than snowboarding boots.  I'm really debating switching the shafts in my wedges to these as well.

If you are looking to upgrade into a really nice and lighter shaft, I HIGHLY recommend the Nippon N.S. PRO 950GH.  They usually come as an upgraded option on on many sets, but it is truly worth it.  It really makes this game a lot more enjoyable when you have equipment that feels good.