Monday, February 27, 2006

What's In My Pocket..

I consider myself a superstitious golfer when it comes to keeping certain items at hand when I play. The first thing I do when I get to the course is to remove all my wordly possesions (watches, keys, phones, wallet, change) and put them in my bag. I then pull out the two balls I used last week (if they aren't damaged) and put them in my right pocket. I then pull out my Tom Lehman PGA Partner's Club medallion coin (it's slightly larger than a JFK half dollar coin) along with one "Texas" 3 3/4 long white tee and also put these in my right pocket.

The piece de resistance is my bronze Doral divot repair tool with the little magnetic disk. I've never played Doral but actually found the divot repair/marker tool in the grass, while looking for my ball, when I was playing at the El Toro Golf Course 3 years ago. The only thing I know about Doral is that it's called the "Blue Monster".

I recently changed my magnetic marker disk (it was the original bronze Doral insignia) to a Tiger. I like Tiger Woods but the reason I got it was it looked the most visible on the green compared to the other insignias they had..I believe it's a Clemson University Tiger as a matter of fact. The pro-shop had a bunch of college mascot markers but for some reason San Diego State University, my alma mater, didn't make the list.

I've never bought shorter tees because my driver's head size is fairly large and I only use a shorter tee for par 3's. Usually those tee boxes are littered with half broken tees anyhow..but if I find a unbroken shorty tee I'll try to collect those. I'm fairly picky when it comes to my tee color and I just buy white.

I use to like all those colored ones but as I got more serious about my game all I want to see when I tee it up is white. To me it's distracting to see a white ball sitting on top of a red tee (or any other color besides white). I know it's just a visual thing, but I like to see all white down there then a myriad of colors. It seems like there's a bigger object to hit then a little bitty ball. I also like to use a bigger ball marker because it's easier to pick up and place. However, it is big enough to carom a rolling ball off of, so if it's in the line with another person's putt I'll just use my smaller, flatter Clemson Tiger ball marker..genious huh..?

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