Wednesday, February 08, 2006


When I'm in the mood to buy used golf equipment, I usually check out eBay, first, to see what's out there. I use them as a barometer of what the current market value is as well. If it's a good deal then, obviously, I'd buy it there, but lately I've had the best luck or deals from Craigslist.

It's very easy to use and amazed at how much good stuff is really out there. I've bought and sold on Craigslist with great success also. What's great is there are absolutely no fees to use this service. Sure, it looks a little rough around the edges, but for the person that knows exactly what they're after this is the place. I also like the fact that you can upload your pictures directly, instead of having to host it, if you're selling something.

I've been looking to get a new stand bag, particularly the Callaway STS. I went to eBay and they did have some great deals (MSRP $99) for around $50-$60, but then usually the shipping is around $15-$20. I decided to check out Craigslist, Los Angeles, and low and behold there was a guy selling the EXACT same bag for $50, NWT (new with tags, common Ebay acronym). I immediately emailed him and left a message. He called me back about 30 minutes later and we decided to meet at Loyola High School, a local private prep school.

I don't know if it's just me but I always get the feeling that meeting someone from something like this to do a transaction might be iffy..not dangerous..but who knows. Fortunately, on the three occasions I've sold and bought, the tranaction went without a hitch. I guess as long as both parties agree to meet in a open, public place then it would make it safer for both..which in our case was the parking lot at an exclusive private boy's preparatory school..and turns out that the seller's son attends school there.

Anyway, I cannot say how happy I was with the stand bag. The next time you're looking for golf equipment check out Craigslist.

BTW: that picture in the upper right hand corner is the man himself, Craig Newmark. Founder, Chairman of Craigslist.

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