Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Is That Mine..?

I'd love to not mark my balls when I play, but with all the same ones out there it leads me no choice. I've actually seen little ball templates you can buy to create a unique imprint on your ball. I've actually also seen "special" mini golf ball markers..which look just look like a smaller version of a Sharpie marker. I didn't even know it but they even has a "Sharpie" PGA Tour Team. I like the Sharpie Mini as a matter of fact.

Anyway, before I could say anything, a buddy of mine bought the mini golf ball marker at the pro-shop. He kept the red marker and gave me the black one. They cost around twice as much as a regular Sharpie marker also. I almost bought that ball template where it cups your ball and draws a straight line to aim your putt, because it came with an actual Sharpie, but I already have 2 Sharpies. I didn't buy it.

I always try to come up with unique ways to mark my ball. I normally do the "one dot" below the number but my buddy started doing this. Actually this little ball marking gadget looked pretty cool..those crazy Japanese golfers..what will they think of next.. Now I like to place to a small dot before and after the name of the ball. I think PGA Tour Pro Duffy Waldorf actually has his daughters draw a colorful design on them.

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