Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sky Marks, Diaper Bags, Jack on Credit..

I got to play today, just the back nine at the local course with a buddy of mine because I was taking my daughter to the doctor's office for her 6 month check up. Well, for the longest time I tried not to put a sky mark on my hybrids, and I was doing great, but it only lasted until today. I managed to put some nice sky marks on the toe end of BOTH of them. The PUP, Pop Up Protector, seems like a nifty idea. I probably would bought it if I had known about it before the marks.

I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels sick when they mar up their beautiful clubs. It's truly a sign of an amateur hack indeed. It happend when I teed the ball a tad to high on a long par 3 (220 yds) and ended up putting 2 in the lake guading the green. Anyway, I felt actually relieved, after a few minutes had passed, because now that whole "brand new" cautiousness was no longer there.

After the round I was going to go to the nearby hardware store to see if they sell some touch up paint so I can just cover up the visual scratches. I decided to first dab on some "Sharpie" ink and see if it holds. I just really hate looking down and seeing scratch marks on clubs. I guess it just leaves a reminder of bad shots from previous rounds. I've been known to actually replace clubs just because of this reason.

I'm not following precedent because I really have been hitting these hybrids well and has been my "go to" club for shot from 220-240 (I have both a 21 deg. and 17 deg.) and tight fairways. They really need to make the graphics on the top of these heads stronger though. I've hit a few on top of my Callaway driver but it has resisted any noticeable marks.

I told my wife, and this has nothing to do with golf, when we were leaving the house to the doctor's office that she has the world's most expensive diaper bag. It's actually not a diaper bag but a really nice Coach tote handbag, but a big one. You know the kind where it's deep enough to hold an umbrella (folded), newpaper, folders, etc. I got it for her a couple years ago but now it is serving double duty as the all essential diaper bag. Actually we're getting good use out of it because it really holds ALOT of stuff. You name it and it's there, including a camera and a mini-DV camcorder. I paid $500 for it at the Coach store at the Glendale Galleria at the time.

While driving to the pediatricians office we were stopped on the corner of La Cienega and Pico in West Los Angeles. There was a Jack In The Box restaurant there which, I thought, had one of the funniest/quirkiest signs. Right underneath the tall, customary red and white "Jack In The Box" sign there was another sign that read: "Credit Accepted Here" and had the VISA, MC logos. I can see now some guy in there strapped for cash signing a loan application for a Jumbo Jack.

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