Monday, February 06, 2006

Pimp My Ride..

I've always been a true "walker" when it comes to playing and never ride, unless it's absolutely required by the course. A lot of people who claim they walk do so, but take a pull cart or one of those newer 3-wheeled push carts. You've seen them. They actually look like those baby joggers and I've heard their design actually derives from it..which makes sense. Who else would you trust to carry your babies..sorry clubs.

I've always mocked the push cart'ers deep inside for using such a behemoth of a contraption. At least your 2-wheeled pull carts didn't look as offensive, or noticeable, but still ugly, none the less. I figured to maintain the truest form of golf one had to play the round looping the bag yourself, preferably a light stand bag. It defitnitely adds another hurdle of fatigue when you play, but I have noticed though that maybe my game might have also suffered, respectively, of this too.

After much debate I've decided to put my looping day behind me and purchase a golf "trike", as I call it, soon. I've been doing some research into whether I should just pick up one of those "cheapo 2-wheel pull carts or the fancier 3-wheel push cart. According to a couple sites, that coincedentally also sell the 3 wheeler variety, it turns out that "pushing", compared to "pulling", is less fatiguing on golf swing muscles. You're right though.."You can still push a pull cart dummy."..but that extra motion of pushing down and pushing forward, with the 2 wheel carts, probably fatigues in another way..or just my excuse to get new golf gear.

The two companies that seem to dominate this 3-wheel "trike" market is Sun Mountain and BagBoy. I was surprised how many different models and options you can get. The most expensive, non-motorized, seems to be the (EZ fold in action) BagBoy EZ Fold (MSRP $250). Actually, while writing this entry, I found it for $189 (with FREE shipping here). The cheapest one I found was the BagBay SC-525 for $99.95 (with FREE shipping here). You can actually get an optional cart seat or cooler bag too..geez, what's next..GPS, A/C? Some of them actually have chrome mag wheels! Check out BestBuyGolfBalls for a pretty good line up of the most popular push carts.

The course I play at actually has these for rent so I'll try it out and see if it really matches up with what everyone has been saying.

*UPDATE* I found a cheaper place for the Sun Mountain V1 for $169.99, SHIPPED, at ColoradoDiscountGolf.

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