Monday, February 13, 2006

Get Off My Balls..

When I played last Saturday the pro-shop at my local course had an armada of Sun Mountain V1 (SMV1) push carts for rent. I decided to try it out to see if it was worth was. It was an absolute joy to walk that day and now see how much more fun the game is when fatigue doesn't set it. I usually get tired at the back 9, but today I felt energized. I'll get one probably this week but seems like the internet is cheaper than the stores (see Pimp My Ride below).

The SMV1 was effortless to push and rolled great. It has a cool cup holder in the middle for my coffee, or any other a little compartment where you can store your keys, wallet, cellphone (forgive me). On top of the compart is a scorecard holder and a pencil holder. There is a spare ball tray too. It also has 6 holes to hold tees. The SMV1 also has a place to hold a tire pump and divot filler cup. If you really want you can also add a side chair (I guess for thoser really LONG rounds), umbrella. They also sell a seperate cooler bag or pouch. Honestly, I can see golfers bringing a small t.v. to watch the game with this thing.

I actually felt I was playing faster and had more pep in my stride. Where it really paid off were those slightly downhill grades where you could just push it and it would gently roll to a flat area..but becareful with make sure there isn't a lake at the bottom..ahem..


So back to the real gist of this post. I cannot stress the importance of playing your OWN ball. I was the victim of someone in my group hitting my ball. Not a regular, but somebody I was grouped with. I hate ProV1's because it seems like everyone is playing it now. I've been playing the Callaway HX Blue just for this reason..not too many people play it..until last Saturday. I hit a great drive and when I went to it it was not there. I looked up and turns out this other guy was telling me, as he was chuckling in his heavily thickened asian accent while carting down the fiarway, that he plays a Callaway too!..I checked at the one on the ground and it was a Callaway alrighty..a frigging rock hard "Warbird"..and all dinged up too..what the..the dude hit my precious HX Blue and left me his crappy, doggy chew toy.

I placed another HX, in place of abandoned ball, and ended up getting a par..and no I didn't penalize myself..because in the real world stuff like this just doesn't happen..unless you happen to get grouped with a group of Philipino was my case.

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