Wednesday, February 22, 2006

My Setup..

Not sure how fundamentally sound my setup is but it had been working for me consistently lately:

1. Tee the ball high (about 3/4 of the ball above the face of the driver), I play with a 415cc Callaway Great Big Bertha 2.

2. Pick out a spot a few feet in front of the ball in direct relation to the intended target/landing area.

3. Set up slightly open with 80% weight on the right side.

4. Initiate hip trigger and "Slow and Low" backswing slowing down at the top. I know the taught method is shoulder turn first but this works for and as long as I get the hips firing through first, which I do, that's all that matters.

5. Keep head behind ball at impact.

6. Hit ball at 4 o'clock for straight or 3 o'clock for cut/fade.

I never knew until I was watching some episode on The Golf Channel that Tom Lehman also sets up open. They said he usually hits it pretty straight or an occasional cut/fade (I've noticed that with my ball flight also). Funny coincidence is that my ball marker is a coin with Tom Lehman's face on it. He's been my mental image when I tee it up now.


Greg said...


What do you mean by, "Hit ball at 4 o'clock for straight or 3 o'clock for cut/fade."?


GolfNomad said...

Well, when I'm at address and looking down at the ball (I'm a righty) I imagine seeing a clock..with the 12 o'clock position being at top and with 3 o'clock being to the right (the hitting point) and 4 o'clock being slightly on the inside path. It seems with my slightly open stance to hit it straight I need come from the inside path..and if I hit it 3'oclock..I end up cutting it..I'm sure this is incorrect..but it's been working for me lately.

Greg said...

Yeah, I figured it out after I posted. For some reason I was thinking club face and it wasn't making sense.