Monday, February 20, 2006

Kicked Arse..

I shot an 82 today..lowest round in a long time. Today marked the fourth and last round of our "kitty" tournament. I ended up winning our informal tournament by 2 strokes. (I was 5 strokes off the lead to tie this morning) The key was I successfully converted four up and downs to save par and then had landed four GIR's with 2-putts for par and I got a birdie.

I still did have 7 holes that I 2-putt for bogey (they were all tap in bogeys too..geez). Taken this into account, if I was just able to get up and down, on those bogeys, for less than half or 3 holes I would've shot a 79. The short game is the way to the promised land! (This is my golf mantra)

Another thing I noticed is that when I hit more than 50% of the fairways (I hit 8 out of 13 fairways) off the box, I know it's going to be a pretty good round overall. I feel confident that I will shoot another, last being June of 2004, sub-80 round this year at this rate. The icing on the cake was that, although my golf bud and I are even strokes..he may think else, I didn't have to hear him say that he STILL won this's was pleasantly quiet.

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