Sunday, February 05, 2006

Friendly Wager..

I played with my regular golf bud this weekend and played yesterday at our local track. He jokingly said he was bored playing with me UNLESS we put some money on it and was tired of beating he thinks. We're about the same level of play on any given day so I have no problems playing straight up, no handicap, with him.

We've played for a a few dollars here and there before (skins, birdies, murphies, drainos, etc.,) but I came up with a different betting game this time. We both play around bogey golf or a few strokes either way so I told him instead of playing against each other let's set a base par of 80 this game.

Any strokes above this base par we would add $1/stroke to the "kitty" per player. Then, after we play 4 times, we would take whatever money is in the kitty and we would take our families to go eat out. He really liked this "new" game and so did I. It still has that competitive edge but then you know there's a mutually beneficial reward at the end.

I ended shooting an 88 and he shot an 87, so we both put in $8 and $7, respectively, into the pot. I figure at this rate we'll have around $60 in the kitty. Actually it's probably not going to be enough to feed 8 people (actually 4 adults and 4 kids) but it could be a healthy "discount" toward the bill.

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