Sunday, February 26, 2006

Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde..

I always think of these two characters and how they resemble my golf game (other reference being a biotech stock of the early 1990's). On any given day I can be really hot, like last week, even while it rained I finished with an 82 (43 on the front and 39 on the back) and it felt easy too. Yesterday was another story..I started of with a double and then a triple..ugh. I maintained for a bit with 3 pars and a bogey and a double, but then scored a TRIPLE again on a par 3. I went into the sand, which I had no worries about, but the green was sloping downhill from it and I was positioned on the downward slope in the bunker. There was absolutely no way my ball would stop anywhere near the hole.

The sand was not that hard but slightly moist from the previous week's rain. The lip in front wasn't even high, but it was the downhill lie after that that made it luck. Anyway, I was thinking what my options were. It was a decent lie and I could have chipped/picked it out but then it would've rolled all the way off the green. I decided to try to flop it out of there. First just hit the very top of the lip..back in..almost in the same place. Second shot..ditto. FUDGE! Third shot, I said screw it and took my normal bunker swing..which came out perfect. It did check a tad but rolled off the green as expected. I swear not even Tiger Woods could've done was just a miserable situation in the bunker.

What was weird was I just couldn't get into my game yesterday. I felt all day in a mental fog..I'm usually feeling pretty sharp at this point. True, I don't eat anything before I play..just loadup on coffee..but usually I'm just a little jittery on the putts..but not even that. I couldn't shake it off or get into my game until the 17th and 18th hole. I just felt I was just merely going through the paces..not really getting into it. Even my golf bud asked me what was up. I did go to sleep later than normal so that was the only thing I could blame it on..I just felt sleepy.

Oh yeah, my push cart
(Sun Mountain Speed Cart V1..that's a mouthful) arrived Thursday (ordered!) and got to use it yesterday. I got mine from GolfGods, ask for Mike V. and he'll set you straight..he's a great guy and wonderful to deal with. I've bought a few clubs from them also. Very courteous and prompt! Anyway, I ended up carding a 93 (13 on the front and 10 on the back, par 70) which I was surprised to even get that for my lack of attention for the whole round. Mental note to self next week..get more sleep.


Greg said...

I often suffer from the same thing. My best round is almost always followed by my worst round. Sometimes I play my best nine on the front then follow that up with my worst nine on the back. What keeps us coming back though is that on any given day we can have our best round. Look's like next week you'll be due for a 'beaut!


GolfNomad said...

I hope so..note to self..let me sleep dammit..just got to tell my wife and kids that before they chop my head off. Nice blog..will add you to my infamous list..ha-ha