Thursday, February 02, 2006

Papa's Got A Brand New Bag..

Recently, I was looking, both online and at the stores, at getting a backpack. A fellow member, at one of the golf forums I belong to, told me about joining Club Cameron.

I've heard about the "club" before but really didn't want any more golf stuff, but then it turns out every year they change their new "Welcome Kit". This year they're offering a backpack (along with a baseball cap, t-shirt, putter headcover, sticker and a pin) for $93. I guess last year they had a duffel bag or something like that.

In addition to the gear, you get Club Cameron "exclusives" access to the inner world of Scotty Cameron and alot of in-depth articles and commentary regarding the SC line of putters. You also get notified beforehand when something special may be coming out. One of the MANY cool things they have in Club Cameron is the "Scotty On Tour" section. A picture gallery of him currently on tour, FBR Open this week, with the guys.

I heard they used to have problems of not really updating the site, but it seems very updated. There are alot of behind the scene photos that's pretty cool too. Club Cameron has every imagineable aspect covered if your an avid fan of SC, more than I can cover here, and you can actually have your questions answered by him too!

At first I thought the price was a tad high, but then looking over what I'll get it seemed like a pretty good deal. I figure a decent backpack is going to cost me around $40~$50. Okay, but I spent about another $50 right? Well, then that gets you a SC (Scotty Cameron) baseball cap (usually they go around $16 at golf shops), a SC T-shirt (around $15), a Limited Edition Scotty Cameron '06 Fine Milled putterhead cover (stock putter headcovers on the Scotty Cameron site go anywhere from $25 on up and this being a limited production who knows what it could be worth later), a SC sticker (probably $3..if you can find it) and a lapel pin (I don't know what this would cost but on Ebay I'm sure it would fetch more than its share). From the picture everything looks awesome.

After assessing what the true value of these contents may be, someday, maybe I won't even use them at all and just hold onto it and sell it when my kids go to college. Seriously, have you seen what
Scotty Cameron putter headcovers are selling for on Ebay?! OOPS!..too looks like this guy is already selling his Scotty Cameron "Welcome Kit" gear on Ebay. If he does sell it he's going to make $ about a 100% net gain in profit..capitalism at it's finest. It may be worth renewing my membership yearly.

According to the fine print, which I seem to never read, it said it would take 4-6 weeks for delivery, not that this would've swayed my decision either way. I've emailed them to see what my order status is. I really look forward on getting this and will keep ya'll informed when it arrives and let you know if my expectations matched up.

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