Friday, February 24, 2006

Index and Pearl Balls..

I just signed up today to get an official USGA index at GolfServ. Out of my research, they seemed to have the coolest features. I can play all over L.A. and not just limited at a home course to log in scores. I had a few scores to record already and it gave me a projected index (trend) of 15.2 which seemed about right. I think with this scoring system in place, I'll be able to focus more on my game to improve. One of my goals this year is to break 80 again..I was close last week with an 82.

My wife gets GOLF for Women but I usually end up reading it more than her. Anyway they were showcasing some of the newest items for women golfers. The item that caught my eye were these new balls from Callaway called the HX Pearl. It's designed for people with slower swing speeds and it's a 3 piece ball. It supposed to have this cool, iridescent cover that I guess has a "pearl" opaque look to it and it supposed to aid in locating the ball.

The Callaway site doesn't even have it listed yet but my favorite internet golf store, GolfGods, is already selling it. It looks like they're waiting for their shipment but I'm placing my order today. I remember the Precept "LADY" ball was a popular ball with men for a while, I assume this will be the same..if you can get by with having a pearl ball.

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