Monday, February 13, 2006

Turn Your Headlights On..

I'll keep this one super-short and want to thank Rich, EatGolf, for telling me that my moderate comment function was on..thus no longer feeling that I'm going crazy, just speaking to myself..gratefully, I have had a few comments..gracias. Rich, when I saw your email in my Gmail account it read "Eat, me". I guess what it means is that it's from Eat(Golf) TO me..I got a chuckle out of it anyhow. Anyway, I'm glad to know some of you guys are out there.


Eat Me said...

HAHA eat me -that's great, I can picture it in gmail. I'll be more careful of the subject line from now on :)

GolfNomad said...

I'm the only one that gets the gmail account so no was just funny..actually really caught my attention..hehehe