Monday, February 06, 2006

Part Deaux..

The Scotty Cameron (SC) Club Cameron "Welcome Kit" arrived this afternoon at my doorstep. I originally posted the pictures but it was messing with the frames so just click the links:

The putter headcover has a silver, carbon-fiber, look to it. The embroidery is beautiful to say the least.

The baseball cap is a weathered and unstructured. A relaxed fit that has a polished, metallic adjustable buckle.

Not sure how I'm going to use the sticker or lapel pin, but excellent quality nonetheless. I'm sure these SC pins will be a collector's item soon, if not already.

The piece de resistance has to be the backpack. It was the reason why I actually bought the kit in the first place. It is a very heavy duty bag and reminds me of a skydiver's rig. After a close examination it is simply a beautiful backpack. The inside of the backpack has the famous SC "crown" all throughout. Although I did not put it on it looks it would be very comfortable.

The SC t-shirt was wrapped in plastic and I didn't open it up, but looks to be of the same quality as all the other items. After I took these pictures I wrapped it back up in the box. If you're debating to get this or not, I think just on the investment alone it is more than enough reason to shell out the $93. Rest assured the quality is outstanding, like his putters. I checked Ebay and you can't even get these yet. I've seen someone selling the putter headcover for $75.

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