Sunday, February 19, 2006

Use The Force, Luke..

Lately, I've really been concentrating on not letting bad holes ruin my round. This really is a hard concept for your average golfer, me, but it's this ability to perservere, adapt and move on that really is the nitty gritty to becoming the better player. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to prove to my self on such an occasion and that I can overcome this and move on.

On the 8th hole, par 5, I topped the tee shot really bad and the ball landed about 30 yds. in front of the tee box. I then managed to hit consecutive bad shots that had me lying 5 from about 80 yds. left. I was thinking to myself that even if I play this hole decent I leave with a triple. I put the Jedi mind trick on the ball and ended up chipping out for a bogey.

Everybody was hooting and hollering..I was stoked on the inside, but tried not to get too giddy about it. I was more than excited that I saved 2 strokes right there. Talk about the pressure being taken off on the next hole. (The 9th is a wicked 230 yd. par 3, straight hole with an enormous green, I ended up two putting for bogey)

The funny thing is the back 9 was played consistently with bogey golf. (that should've been 5 shots better with numerous up and down misses..more about this on
Proof Is In The Putting). Another facet I need to polish up is to reduce "blow up" holes. Those holes where for some reason you forget how to play golf and every shot feels like your very first ever taken. Usually these holes feel like the same when I get the dreaded shanks. But once again it's the ability to overcome the current crappy state that takes you to the next ability level.

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