Monday, September 03, 2012

It's been awhile..part 3? 4?

Alright, I now I've lost a lot of fans (lol) out there due to my lack of posting here.  I really did try to make an attempt(s) to keep the GN blog up and running to the best of my abilities..but it has been shit, lately, and you're right..before too.  I had been busy with a lot of things, but one thing that has kept me fairly busy, lately, is that I have been playing much more golf than ever.  

Even last year, I would, at best play a full round a month or the back 9, weekly.  Also, I just did not have the inspiration to become a better golfer, but this has changed in the last couple of months.  I even started another blog, Breaking 80, which I have decided, today, to point back to the GN blog as I have decided to follow up on my quest here on the GN blog..just seems right.

I can tell that I've truly been bitten by the "golf bug" again, after all these years. I am (much) more concerned on the state of my golfing mind and what really needs to be tended to, during a round, to post my best score, rather than trying to (or hope) not to hit bad shots.  I normally refrain from reading "golf books" (I thought they were extremely boring), but have become deeply entrenched in re-reading Harvey Penick's books and I just finished reading Dr. Bob Rotella's "Golf is Not a Game of Perfect" damn true.

I have been obsessed in the last few months in really polishing up my game and I am in pursuit of breaking 80 by the end of this year.  I've been on a sub-90 streak and even re-read "How to Break 90" by T.J. Tomasi and friends..still.  I have broken 80, to be honest, but it was about 12 years ago when I was just playing and thinking relentless golf (..hmmm..I like that title).  I think it's still possible for me to break 80, again, but without becoming so overly obsessed like before.

Through utilizing what I have learned, through the decades of playing golf, and applying this knowledge to my "newly" found passion in much more methodical way, I should be able to reach it...puh-leeeeeze.  I would like to be in a state of playing (..a golf where I'll routinely post a score in the 80's on any given course, on any given day, but also be able to post a sub-80 score if I'm playing better..perhaps I make it sound to easy..damn golf books.

Besides, writing about my pursuit of golf happiness, I promise that I'll also write about the other musings that are happening in the golf biosphere universe and what I have encountered as being the one and only, truly original (as I have seen a bunch of imposters tagging along on my name) Golf Nomad.

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