Friday, September 07, 2012

My Favorite Driver..

As all golfers do during the course of their golfing "career" is to tinker with equipment, try this and/or that, swap this for that and etc.  I've been playing this game for over 20 years and have tried various drivers throughout my golf journey.

I have to say, though, that I've always kept one particular driver around, the Titleist 905R.  I bought this driver years ago (used from Ebay) and always played well with it.  Of course, as mentioned earlier, we golfer still like to tinker around.  

A few months ago I picked up a Mizuno JPX 800 driver with 12 degree loft.  I always had was a very low trajectory, even with a 10.5 degree driver, and wanted a higher trajectory.  Obviously, my "technique" was what needed to be changed, but I wanted a quick fix, rather than taking time to work it out on the practice range.

This 12 degree driver was the band-aid as it surely got my ball up to the desired trajectory I wanted.  The downside was that I lost about 20-30 yards, which for me, is crucial when it comes to that approach shot.  I'd rather have a shorter approach than longer..who doesn't, right?

Well, I went back to the Titleist 905R and I did get my 20 yards back.  One thing (actually, a few) that is true about Titleist drivers are they're solid and their design is always subtle and timeless, especially the 905 series.  I've always noticed that with my 905R, I get out what I put into it.  There are no free yardages or crazy ballooning drives that go high and out of control.  If you put a good swing on it, you get rewarded, but then if you put a bad swing on it, the ball just goes nowhere.  I've noticed that bad swings just make the ball play dead.  The 905R does not mask bad swings and give you good results.

The 905R does not have fancy graphics or the latest colors.  When you address it on the tee box, you know you are holding a true golf club and it will only do what you are capable of doing.  It's an honest club that doesn't showboat..only true golfers need to apply. 

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