Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fantastic Four

Today's modern PGA tour professional are youthful and brash and seem like they just stepped out of an X-Game competition or GQ or both.  You see guys like Rickie Fowler, who actually can compete on a FMX event, who are attracting the younger crowd into this great game.  Dustin Johnson, who is athletic enough to throw a 50 yard pass in the NFL.  Jason Dufner, who is..well, he chews a mean game.  Anyway, these guys bring a new "studly-ness" to the modern day PGA tour professional.  

But my favorite golfers still and always are (images added to show these youngins'):

Ben Crenshaw

Hale Irwin

Tom Lehman

Hal Sutton

I grew up watching these guys play on television.  They were always the consummate professional and  carried themselves like champions.  It wouldn't surprise me if they were all very close and good friends with one another.  Just mentioning these names to golfers evoke emotion that we all share in common.   This would be my golf fantasy five-some (I gotta play with them too..right?)..heck, I wouldn't mind to see these in a modern day match-play against one another..that would be truly fantastic.

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