Friday, September 21, 2012

My irons sing..

I've played with numerous brands of irons, but in the end I have to say that forged irons feel the best.  I agree that there is some distance that may be lost, compared to cast iron, but for me it is completely worth it.  The common argument is that there is no difference and metal is metal, whether poured into a cast or forged by hand.

I am a big fan of Mizuno's forged irons, personally, and I've been using their forged irons for the last 15 years of playing this game.  I've played with cast iron as well, but the feel you get from a well struck shot on the face of a forged iron is like no other.  I can best explain it as hitting a heavy marsh's a nice, soft, but firm "thud" feeling that you desire to replicate over and over again.  Once you feel it, there's no turning warned:

and why my irons "sing":

I think the 1st iron is a Ping, the 2nd a Callaway and the Mizuno MX-200 (mine).

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