Saturday, September 08, 2012

We are a strange bird..

I'm on a roll today..woo hoo!!  Golfers are a strange (but creatures of habit) breed.  I, for one, always carry a certain number of tees (specific),  ball marker (specific) and divot repair tool (specific) when I play.  I have gobs of various markers, tees, divot tools to choose from, but I always manage to be very exact (and gravitate) toward what I routinely use during my round.

I honestly think that there is a direct relation between the items you keep, consistently, in your pocket during a round and your index.  The better the player you are, the more routine the items are that your have in your pocket.  The "worse" the player you are, you tend not to care and will just grab a bunch of tees and markers and just shove it into your pocket..which is fine also..just for clarification.  I always keep the stuff (pictured here) in my left pocket: 

I'll fluctuate between the $1 silver dollar and custom ball marker (thanks to Erik from The golf fourm) and between the Super Mex (local Mexican restaurant) divot tool and the Vineyard GC divot tool.  I always use have one Zero-Friction tee (for the driver), but then keep one smaller wooden tee for the par 3's.  No, I do not have a great story or a fond memory of these various tokens, but for some reason they seem to always draw to me..and it's always been the same.   This has been routine for as far as I can remember..freakish?

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