Saturday, September 08, 2012

Worst tip Keegan Bradley

For the most part, most of the tips I read in Golf Digest or Golf are usually regurgitated instruction that we've all heard before.  For those of us who've been playing awhile, we know the basics of this and that..keep our hands forward, transfer weight to forward leg, swing from the inside..blah..blah..blah.  Re-reading these tips, hints, etc., for me, just reinforces and reminds me of what to focus can say it keeps my golfing mind and body in tune.

However, I finally am getting around to commenting, after reading, on one of the worst tips ever.  Actually this "tip" goes against everything that most notable golf instructors and professionals have said.  Here is the excerpt from the article from Golf Digest, January 2012, issue with Keegan Bradley:

"I know I just said I don't think of anything on the downswing, but I do want you to have one thought: Swing hard. I really mean that. Try to hit the ball as hard as you can without losing your balance (4). Most amateurs are so worried about mis-hitting the shot or hitting it off line, they don't make an aggressive move. You'd be surprised how much better your swing will get if you let your natural athletic ability shine. So go after it"

..did you catch it?  If not, I whole heartedly do not agree with Keegan Bradley's by "Swing hard.  I really mean that.  Try to hit the ball as hard as you can without losing your balance."  True, he does say "without losing your balance", but to most average golfers this is still very confusing.  Most average/beginner golfers are swinging harder than they should, anyhow.  He's also assuming we all have this "natural athletic ability" and to let it SHINE..can I say:

Any regular golfer, and instructors, would tell you take more club and swing smooth, not harder.  This is is the most widely known verse in Golf 101.  I wish I had the article, but I swore I remember KB saying to take the highest lofted iron and swing as hard as you can.

Anyways, *sigh of relief* I got this off my chest.  So many BAD THINGS happen when the average golfer tries to hit the ball as hard as he can.  You get excessive grip pressure, your body gets rigid, etc.  We all know that in order to play good golf, you need to be relaxed as a relaxed body generates more club head speed than a tense one..Party Rock!

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