Sunday, September 09, 2012

Great Scott!

I've tried to justify on numerous occasions why I need more than one Scotty Cameron putter.  How many putters can you possible putt with during a round?  I mean, you can only hold one in each hand right? ..but to have three?  Really?

To be honest I was a ravenous Scotty Cameron fan and at one time had fifteen (15) Scotty Cameron putters.  Each had their separate story (and various rare models) and why I "had" to have it.  But, reality (and family) set in where I just had to purge my collection.  I got rid of my whole collection..period.

Fast forward, ten years later, and I wanted to get a Scotty Cameron again and my most desired one that I wanted to get back was the Newport Tei3 Long Neck (pictured, third one).  I , managed (dumb luck) to find one from Craigslist in mint condition and all original.  But, as Scotty Cameron fans know, we do not game our pride and joy (Newport TeI3 Long Neck).  I needed a "gamer" (one that I will play with all the time) Scotty Cameron and I was a fan of his Red X when it was out, but wanted a little update, so I had to go with the Fastback 1 (pictured, first one).

Unfortunately, I was still missing one last piece..and the one that always escaped me which was the Newport 2.7 (pictured, middle one).  One thing that is common amongst my Scotty Cameron "collection" is that I prefer a face balanced putter and these Scotty Camerons' are about as face balanced as he makes them.  I've putted with numerous different makes of putters before, but the feel off these putters is like no other..especially the many Scotty Cameron enthusiasts would agree

Also, as many others who have played with a Scotty Cameron can attest to, is that these putters are exceptionally well made and feel like a finely chiseled hand made tool.  They really do add confidence and inspiration when you are on the green.  You can't help not wanting to be a better putter with one of these.  You will find absolutely no fault or remorse if you buy one..they are that good. 

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