Monday, September 10, 2012

..with Liberty and Pro V's for all.

I ran across this ad reading this month's Golf Digest magazine and thought nothing about it.  It looked like the typical (arrogant/obnoxious) Titleist Pro V1/V1X ad stating that their balls are best for people who swing really hard or are really good with photos of stud-ly PGA Tour Pros.

What.?! They're not?! They're good for everone now?! (Double-click on picture to read the ad.)I usually flip through their ads, but I decided to read it..this time.  It turns out that now there is no direct correlation between club speed and ball compression, according to

If you see that photo of the ProV1 being struck, you can see all the varying swing speeds are compressing just about the same amount for ALL SWING SPEEDS.  Obviously, Titleist has finally recognized that when you market your balls to the "better player" you end up selling to about 1% of the general golfing public.

Up until now, including myself, we (average, horrible, ugly) golfers would never even consider using a ProV1.  I would always even shy away looking at a brand new box of Pro V1's as I felt the Titleist Gods sneering at me and mocking me.."How Dare You Gaze Upon the Almighty Pro V1 you weak, pathetic, super game-improvement iron using mortal"..HA-HA-HA-HA!!"

It looks like the folks at Titleist are now convincing us that we too can use the Pro V1 and Pro V1X because we are good enough now.  Look at "Theresa F" (third golfer in the magazine ad, above)..she has a 15 handicap and uses the Pro V1X..YEEESSS!!  That's me!!  We don't have to swing harder or better..the Pro V's will now adjust to you and do the rest..because we normal Joe's are good enough.  Titleist finally gets it that the more Pro V's we (bad players) lose the more we buy.  Good players never lose balls..duh!  (If anyone has an older issue of Golf or GD with the "previous" ProV1/V1X ad, please drop me an email..I'd love to post it up).

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