Sunday, September 09, 2012

Srixon Soft Feel..the Poor Man's Pro V1X?

I first was introduced to this ball by a good friend of mine a few months ago.  At first when I saw the Srixon Soft Feel, it looked rather gimmicky with its "Soft Feel" adjustment arrow.  I'm not a fan of your cheaper, 2-piece, balls that feel like a BB off the face.

After playing a few round with it I can honestly say that I have fallen in love with this ball.  Besides the fact that it feels great off the face on all the clubs (driver through putter), it is priced very well.

You can find last years model for around $14/dozen.  There is a newer version of the Soft Feel, but from what I've researched they just added "Pure White" to the title.  I guess they are "whiter" or brighter so you can easily locate them.  To be honest, the "older" version (and cheaper one) is plenty "white".

These are geared toward swing speeds under 100 mph, which suits me fine.  I've heard that the compression is around 71, which for me is fine also..just means a softer ball to me. The feel, to me, was identical to a Pro V1X, with less the sticker price.  The thing about playing with "cheaper" golf balls, to me, is that I can swing away without worrying if I lose it or put it in the drink.

I think those of us, like me, who cannot afford to play with the ultra premium brands, like the Pro V1's, have a tendency to tense up on certain shots..especially when we have five bucks that we might just toss away into the pond guarding that par 3.  When we can swing without worry, is when we swing our best.

Another added, indirect, benefit is that most average players still are not familiar with the Srixon brand so there's less of a chance of problems with ball identity and other golfers claiming that the balls is theirs on the course.  You know how many average golfers are playing with a Pro V1's now a days?  You better check yourself next time you think you found "your" Pro V1.

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