Sunday, September 09, 2012

Titleist Gran Z - the JDM golf ball

I was at my local golf store when they had these Titleist Gran-Z in a bin.  According to the salesman, he said they were selling like hotcakes.  They supposedly sell for over $80 in Japan and they were a real bargain at $19.99/dozen.  He said they play in-between the NXT and Pro V1 and were designed for the asian market. 

This usually means that the design has subtle nuances and features that cater to asian golfers who tend to be critical of their golf equipment.  This can be seen at first sight with the pearlescent cover and interesting ball numbering scheme..33,55,77.

I'm not a fan of the NXT, but if they play closer (softer) to the Pro V1, I definitely was interested.  They have this very cool looking pearl-escent cover with an alignment line. Enough said, so I bought a dozen (should I have bought the remaining 2 dozen?) for $19.99.

After playing a round with them I have to say they feel very nice off the driver and all the way through the putter.  They do feel just a tad harder than the ProV1, but very close or similar to the Pro V1X.  This may be also due to the softer compression (71, from what I hear).  I'm not sure how these would fair with the heavier hitter, but if you have a average swing speed, I highly recommend trying these out..if you can find it. 

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